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This page provides a dynamic look at all Software Trouble Reports ("STRs") that have been filed and accepted through the Bugs & Features page. If you would like to contribute code to implement any of the RFEs below, please consult the Configuration Management Plan for the coding standards we follow and then post your changes to the corresponding RFE.

FLTK 1.1

FLTK 1.1.x is the former stable development branch. It is no longer being maintained, and any bug fixes will be applied against FLTK 1.3.x and/or 1.4.x.

We recommend using the active FLTK 1.3.0 branch instead.

FLTK 1.2

FLTK 1.2 is not available any longer. Please use the latest 1.1.x release for a stable release, or 1.3.x for a stable release with UTF-8 support and other new features.

FLTK 1.3 (40 Open Features, 27 Open Bugs)

FLTK 1.3 is the LATEST STABLE BRANCH based on FLTK 1.1.10. It adds internationalization, UTF-8 (Unicode), printing support, Doxygen based documentation, and several new widgets including Fl_Native_File_Chooser, Fl_Table, and Fl_Tree. FLTK 1.3 is no longer in active development but still gets some important bug fixes (and for instance new macOS support).
FLTK 1.3.9 (released on Dec 09, 2023) is the current stable release and will likely be the last release of this branch.

STR # Summary Subsystem Status Priority  
  2862Fl_Table keyboard nav issue: can't use tab to navigate off the widgetCore LibraryPendingMOD  
  2895Fl_Tree: SINGLE mode selection issuesCore LibraryActiveMOD  
  2944Mac OS X Fl_Gl_Window bugs - all FLTK versionsCore LibraryPendingMOD  
  3018Selects unclicked cells/rows/cols in the Fl_Table.Core LibraryPendingMOD  
  3030resize behavior of widgets in an Fl_TreeCore LibraryPendingMOD  
  3170Fl_Table_Row callback not calledCore LibraryNewMOD  
  3252Fl_Native_File_Chooser and Fl_Gl_Window on MacOS XMacOSNewMOD  
  3377Fl::grab() breaks event handling for some controlsCore LibraryNewMOD  
  3434Support building with unusual prefixBuild FilesPendingMOD  
  3497fltk-config - support cross compileBuild FilesNewMOD  
  2828Fl_Tree RFE'sCore LibraryNewLOW  
  2844Fl_Text_Display: needs keyboard nav for caret motion and keyboard selectionCore LibraryNewLOW  
  2892Fl_Text_Display::position_to_line(): Consistency check ptvl failedCore LibraryNewLOW  
  2908Menu_::find_index(const char*) doesn't handle escape sequence correctlyCore LibraryPendingLOW  
  2983Documentation isn't built correctly.Build FilesNewLOW  
  3147Assigning Ctrl+Shift+0 to a Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar item does not work using Visual Studio 2012WIN32NewLOW  
  3175Fl_Text_Editor overstrike mode doesn't behave as expectedCore LibraryNewLOW  
  3201unix Fl_Window::show _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW event needed to raiseX11NewLOW  
  3214Fl_Tree::clear() does not delete widgets (only items)Core LibraryPendingLOW  
  3220Can select multiple items in Fl_Tree even in FL_TREE_SELECT_SINGLE modeCore LibraryActiveLOW  
  3261FLTK and glutChangeToMenuEntryGLUT EmulationNewLOW  
  3273Fl::screen_dpi() returns generic Xinerama valuesX11NewLOW  
  3292Fl_Browser: trouble pre-selecting item #1 with type() HOLD or SELECT Core LibraryNewLOW  
  3293show_item_top() causes tree redraw position bugCore LibraryNewLOW  
  3301Fl_Text_Display::scroll(line) not working with wrap_mode()Core LibraryNewLOW  
  3341Fl_File_Chooser has no icons under more recent distributionsCore LibraryNewLOW  
  3382wrong DC clean-up on WindowsWIN32NewLOW  
  2676Enhance error reporting on broken Xft installations (was:fl_alert dialogs etc crashes in XftTextExtents32 on Solaris)X11NewRFE  
  2728Add test program to test for shadowed variables (-Wshadow)Test FrameworkNewRFE  
  2790Patch allow fluid generate constructor without arguments for Widget_ClassFLUIDNewRFE  
  2794Fluid hackedFLUIDNewRFE  
  2815Implementation of Fl_Text_Display backdropCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2821MouseWheel acceleration patchOS supportNewRFE  
  2824Adding scroller animation to FLTKCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2875More general methods to select fonts with attributes BOLD/ITALIC (Patch supplied)X11NewRFE  
  2882a minimum knob-size for Fl_Scrollbar widgetCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2896Better looking menu dividersCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2902FL_HOLD_BROWSER selection positioningCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2926Remove hardcoded extra pixels from menu window sizeCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2941RFE: fl_text_extents(): support multiple linesCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2950Menu Item behaviour Core LibraryNewRFE  
  2952fluid - Adding win32 iconWIN32NewRFE  
  2980Fl::event_text() returns no meaningful value for FL_DND_ENTER and FL_DND_DRAG on WindowsWIN32NewRFE  
  2981Fl::event_text() returns "<unknown>" for FL_DND_ENTER and FL_DND_DRAG on X11X11NewRFE  
  3003New class Fl_Toggle_Browser for fltk-1.3.x .Core LibraryNewRFE  
  3007Suggestion for improvement to the standard file-chooser.Core LibraryNewRFE  
  3015Allow hiding scrollbars in Fl_Help_ViewCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3029Build FLTK via Clang compiler and native Windows toolsBuild FilesNewRFE  
  3053Fl_Tabs enhancement - being able to move tabs aroundCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3074Patch for Browser supporting copy to clipboard of selected linesCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3112whether we should define these macros in FLTK sourse files?(strdup stricmp...)MultipleNewRFE  
  3136Patch to add an option to the Fl_Native_file_Chooser and Fl_File_Chooser to allow selection of either a file or a directoryCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3171Equivalent of names.h for Fl_Table::TableContext enumCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3174Scrollbar of deactivated Fl_Text_Editor not workingCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3180Linux printer panel, 3 problems X11NewRFE  
  31813d pie chartCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3189Diagonal cursors from themes for Linux (patch)X11NewRFE  
  3193Change the Background Color of Checkboxes and Radio Round Indicators for Deactivated Fl_Check_Buttons and Fl_Radio_Round_ButtonsCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3240Fl_Html_View - more capable replacement for Fl_Help_ViewCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3260FLTK's glut and special key combinations on OS XMacOSNewRFE  
  3279RFE: option to disable special character handling in menusCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3317Fl_Sys_Menu_Bar: needs documentation caveatsCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3329Support for tablet features (pen pressure, tilt, etc)Core LibraryNewRFE  
  3330Fl_Window transparency control in FLTKCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3393enable DND for Fl_WindowCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3456Fl_Input Readonly CursorCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3492fltk-config shouldn't report its own dependenciesConfig FilesNewRFE  

FLTK 1.4 (73 Open Features, 32 Open Bugs)

FLTK 1.4 adds even more features to the FLTK 1 branch. This is the CURRENT DEVELOPMENT BRANCH where new features are added and bugs are fixed.
There is no release schedule yet.

STR # Summary Subsystem Status Priority  
  1869Avoid recursing event handlers (Fl::readqueue, Fl::check)Core LibraryActiveHIGH  
  1986X-server freezes when a window is opened while the menu is openX11PendingHIGH  
  3231editor.cxx: changed_cb() inducing reading uninitialized memoryExample ProgramsPendingHIGH  
  3399X11 Drag and drop issue when displaying popup on recept of payloadX11NewHIGH  
  3413security advisory: all use of *snprintf()Core LibraryNewHIGH  
  3436use of isspace(), ispunct(), and others must correctly test unicode charactersCore LibraryNewHIGH  
  1859Fluid callbacks in declaration blocks not working correctlyFLUIDNewMOD  
  2131test/help: The 'search window' doesn't work for text within <PRE>Example ProgramsNewMOD  
  2284Bad return value handling from "getc" in Fl_BMP_Image c'torImage SupportNewMOD  
  2306fltk's use of snprintf() should be hardened -- recommend alternativesCore LibraryNewMOD  
  2634fl_help_view bug fixes and new featuresCore LibraryNewMOD  
  2663OpenGL overlay bug on Windows 7 + Intel graphicsOpenGLNewMOD  
  3013Fixes to use of config.h headerCore LibraryNewMOD  
  3271Socket for MS-WINDOWS is UINT_PTRCore LibraryActiveMOD  
  3287Potential array overrun in Fl::get_font()Core LibraryNewMOD  
  3412Fl_Text_Display scroll bug (style table with font != textsize() + wrap)Core LibraryNewMOD  
  3415CMake: Programs may need some definitions from FLTK to work correctlyBuild FilesActiveMOD  
  3416Changes to compile FLTK 1.4 with OpenWatcom 1.9Build FilesNewMOD  
  3465scilinux 6.3: Setting FL_SCREEN font falling back to FL_HELVETICACore LibraryNewMOD  
  3508fltk2ms() could be public, also does not translate KP_EnterWIN32NewMOD  
  469Drawing problem when FL_ROUNDED_BOX and Fl_Menu_ButtonCore LibraryNewLOW  
  702Fl_Scrollbar increments incorrectly in specific situationCore LibraryNewLOW  
  1115Windows shown while popup menu was active disappear when the menu is dismissed.WIN32NewLOW  
  1597Fl_Help_View: HTML problems with font size + <UL>Core LibraryNewLOW  
  1679Borderless windows on WIN32 do not appear on the taskbarWIN32NewLOW  
  1742Fl_Browser: Inconsistent behavior of value()Core LibraryNewLOW  
  2145FL_ROUND_UP_BOX+Fl_Button+"gtk+" scheme: focus box draws outside widgetCore LibraryNewLOW  
  3179Opening a popup dialog while a menu is open hangs XX11PendingLOW  
  3282Fl_Table::handle() returns 1 on right clicksCore LibraryPendingLOW  
  3368Fl_Help_View may leak memory when images are in the HTMLCore LibraryNewLOW  
  3449FL_Window - New SKIP_TASKBAR Flag and PatchCore LibraryActiveLOW  
  3528Fl_Tree: dragging an item over a widget() can cause FL_RELEASE to be ignoredCore LibraryNewLOW  
  298FLUID "commenting out" would be niceFLUIDNewRFE  
  460Provide save() member function to Fl_Image subclassesImage SupportNewRFE  
  470up / down indicator when portion of menu is off screenCore LibraryNewRFE  
  767Removeing titlebar but keeping border.(win32)WIN32NewRFE  
  1029Fl::font(), Fl::size(), etc. for changing defaultsCore LibraryNewRFE  
  1981[PATCH] Add "stay on top"-feature to Fl_WindowCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2041Addition of a FL_TOOLTIP event (PoC)Core LibraryPendingRFE  
  2060fluid should rewrite files conservatively on "Write Code"FLUIDNewRFE  
  2083Add maximize, minimize caps to FL_Window Core LibraryNewRFE  
  2154Support XIM on UTF-8 and GBK locale, update XIM support on GB2312. Unicode supportNewRFE  
  2162[PATCH] Wrap CJK characters in Fl_Input_Unicode supportNewRFE  
  2178Allow Fl_X::make_xid() to call user defined functionCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2180pkg-config supportConfig FilesNewRFE  
  2188[PATCH] Support win32 accessibility via MSAAWIN32NewRFE  
  2242Enable usage of FLTK fonts in cairo context (patch included)CairoNewRFE  
  2340Allow setting both a window icon and a mask pixmap in the X11 version.X11NewRFE  
  2402Widget AssociationsCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2411ICC Colour management policyCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2445Small modification to Fl_Value_Input to allow precize steps with left mouse buttonCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2446Allow easy customization for special purposesCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2454Fl_Tree: need to fix keyboard nav of *child fltk widgets* added to treeCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2482glutKeyboardUpFunc, glutSpecialUpFunc, glutLeaveMainLoopGLUT EmulationNewRFE  
  2494Patch that adds some macros to the extra code linesFLUIDNewRFE  
  2583transparency for fl_draw_image()Core LibraryNewRFE  
  2586Consolidate fluid settings into one dialogFLUIDNewRFE  
  2609shape functions (fl_rectf etc.) support alphaCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2610Add another method for Fl_Menu_Button to allow popup at specific positionCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2624Placement of widgets be Group relativeCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2633New methods for Fl_JPEG_Image and Fl_PNG_Image to encode from Fl_ImageImage SupportNewRFE  
  2692right justify option for scroll windowCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2752Allow down arrow to open input-choice drop down menuCore LibraryActiveRFE  
  2753Capture enter as click on button with focusCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2755Allow color change on Browser selection bar based on focusCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2756New browser checkbox widgetCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2757Allows shortcuts on browser itemsCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2763Full Selection Movement when using Keyboard in BrowserCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2766New configurable option to change symbol prefix characterCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2767Fix scrollbar visiblity from causing miscalcuation on select()Core LibraryNewRFE  
  2792Change of logic used on browser_ when no selectionCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2793Option to change FL_SHORTCUT logic Core LibraryNewRFE  
  2799Menus can suddenly disappearCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2822Fl_Input UTF-8 handlingUnicode supportNewRFE  
  2876Make xft font sorting work (patch supplied)X11NewRFE  
  2951DoubleSlider for selecting low and high values within min/max rangeCore LibraryNewRFE  
  2982Cannot build outside of source tree.Build FilesNewRFE  
  3100[patch] Allow printing to be disabledBuild FilesNewRFE  
  3204Fl_Shared_Image improvementsCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3241Suggesting int Fl_Menu_::value(item) return -1 if item is in a submenuCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3288Consistent configuration macrosConfig FilesNewRFE  
  3296Improvement of bilinear scaling of imagesImage SupportActiveRFE  
  3297New implementation of Fl_Shared_Image...Image SupportNewRFE  
  3313Speedup fl_read_image() for X11Image SupportNewRFE  
  3336Include some example fluid filesExample ProgramsNewRFE  
  3350Some fix to handle dll multi injection and ejectionDLL/DSONewRFE  
  3351optionally changing Fl_Choice's dropdown behaviorCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3360fltk manpage improvementsDocumentationNewRFE  
  3372Vulkan API supportCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3379General documentation improvements/elaborationsDocumentationNewRFE  
  3383Allow alpha image with Fl_Image_Surface::image()Image SupportNewRFE  
  3392Fl::set_font() limited to italic and bold fontsCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3405Please add more comments to Fl_Native_File_Chooser_MAC.mmCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3418Promote current scaling factor to child processesCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3451Option to disable visibility on LinuxBuild FilesNewRFE  
  3453Fl_Text_Display: Highlight current line (Patch)Core LibraryNewRFE  
  3467create Fl_File_Icon from embedded image dataImage SupportNewRFE  
  3479loop bar similar to Fl_ProgressCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3485Cumulative Patch for 1.4 addressing several STRMultipleNewRFE  
  3486system tray functionalityOS supportNewRFE  
  3487Added support for Ctrl-Shift-U to enter unicode chars to input field and enhance UTF8 support.Unicode supportNewRFE  
  3495build library without dependencies on X11Build FilesNewRFE  
  3501Fl_Help_View: copy text selectionCore LibraryNewRFE  
  3513Supporting HaikuNewRFE  
  3520Fixing a FileChooser featureNewRFE  

FLTK 2.0 (95 Open Features, 164 Open Bugs)

FLTK 2.0 was an experimental branch that never attained stability and is mostly dormant. Development of 2.0 was focused on a new C++ API using namespaces which provides support for UTF-8 (Unicode) text, enhanced UI scheme support and device and OS abstraction for easier porting and better printing and off-screen rendering support.


STR # Summary Subsystem Status Priority  
  2075Fluid2 locks up Xserver when creating TabGroupNewCRIT  
  2361Hacker's Version of 2.0 (compiles with debug info, demos fixed)NewCRIT  
  2937Windows maximize-minimize-restore button creates a window over taskbarNewCRIT  
  1042Image::make_current() do not workNewHIGH  
  1302Update FLTK build system to undefine DISPLAYBuild FilesPendingHIGH  
  1317fluid2 authorize and generates static png image table but don't use itFLUIDNewHIGH  
  1660Xft font listing is broken on X11NewHIGH  
  1759Fluid2 -- Live Preview BrokenNewHIGH  
  1784scrolling in ScrollGroup does not take into account labelsCore LibraryPendingHIGH  
  1804"MOVE" in handle(int event) brokenNewHIGH  
  1832Item (TOGGLE or RADIO) has wrong widthNewHIGH  
  1979[with a hackish fix] fltk::PackedGroup::layout() keeps layout_damage() at returnNewHIGH  
  2016Nasty logic error in Group::draw_child()NewHIGH  
  2023Cairo context and clipping interactionNewHIGH  
  2033Troubles while loading png images with fluid2NewHIGH  
  2074Input method ONLY works when mouse pointer move out of window in LinuxNewHIGH  
  2077Label tooltips drag over displayable areaNewHIGH  
  2095FLTK2 WinCE port, mouse events do not workNewHIGH  
  2110E: no-ldconfig-symlink /usr/lib/libfltk2*NewHIGH  
  2126Cairo: fltk::cr not affected by translation matrixNewHIGH  
  2217FLTK2 doesn't work with "fixed" FontNewHIGH  
  2271fltk 1.3&2.0 can not build on VC++ 2008 ExpressNewHIGH  
  2296segmentation fault when fetching jpeg images from dataNewHIGH  
  2327image w() and h() bugNewHIGH  
  2359cpu time sharing issues in v1 and v2 (solutions).NewHIGH  
  2590glut specifics functions are not working with FLTK 2NewHIGH  
  2698ENTER and LEAVE events are always generated by mouse movementCore LibraryPendingHIGH  
  2804horizontal mousewheel causes crash under windowsNewHIGH  
  975InputBrowser multiple issuesNewMOD  
  1273WSAAsyncSelect not working in win32\run.cxxNewMOD  
  1295controls in the browser widget are not accessibleNewMOD  
  1312incorrect configure script: "dirent" redefined, U32 not defined...NewMOD  
  1347incomplete fltk.devNewMOD  
  1353Build issues on solaris NewMOD  
  1380make install fails with "--enable-shared" and OpenGL disabled (by configure)NewMOD  
  1385cursor(Image*, ...) not implementedNewMOD  
  1390FLTK2.0-r5274 snprintf seg faults ubuntu 6.06 (linux2.6)NewMOD  
  1394Adding GlWindow to a window after show() is called causes crashNewMOD  
  1433Window::size_range doesn't work on OSXNewMOD  
  1509There is a hardcoded path to a GIF in about_panel.fl.FLUIDNewMOD  
  1591moving a window on OSX results in redraw (was str 1452)NewMOD  
  1610../fluid/fluid2: error while loading shared libraries: libfltk2_images.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directoryNewMOD  
  1622Menu choices can't use list(StringArray*)NewMOD  
  1630include file Fl_FormsBitmap.h not foundNewMOD  
  1635getMonitorInfoA not supported in windows NTNewMOD  
  1636borland 5.5.1 command line compilerNewMOD  
  1661Function default parameters in the FluidNewMOD  
  1697CheckButton not sized right in ItemGroupNewMOD  
  1720missing function in_main_thread in src/x11/lock.cxxNewMOD  
  1722Simplify Browser interface and split MultiBrowser from BrowserNewMOD  
  1727FLTK2's X11 changing main iconNewMOD  
  1754WordwrapOutput wraps unicode text as it was asciiNewMOD  
  1755FLTK2's widget's timeout fltk::event_x() and event_y() wrongNewMOD  
  1785Function default parameters in the FluidNewMOD  
  1806Fails to work under "wine" under "Linux" when compiled with MingW32NewMOD  
  1807FLUID's functions are not spit in the specified orderNewMOD  
  1813test/image segfaults or crash XorgNewMOD  
  1814freeglut and glutStrokeLengthNewMOD  
  1842fltk::Guard(RecursiveMutex *) works not as expectedNewMOD  
  1845fltk::TiledGroup fixNewMOD  
  1858TextDisplay needs its own default_styleNewMOD  
  1861fullscreen_off() ProblemsCore LibraryNewMOD  
  1876FLTK2 menu Under 256 ColorExample ProgramsNewMOD  
  1890fltk-2.0.x-r6059 fails to build on SolarisNewMOD  
  1924Tablet support: incorrect tilt value.NewMOD  
  1946scrollbars not working after switching virtual desktops in e17NewMOD  
  1947moving a window causes a complete redrawNewMOD  
  1968Portability fixesNewMOD  
  1975browser loses horizontal scrollbar on redrawNewMOD  
  1995Fluid2 -R6140 generates incorrect source code for callbacksNewMOD  
  2001Browser Items image height (from leaf_symbol for example) do not adjust height of itemsNewMOD  
  2012Fix build problems with trunk as dll on win32(vc++)NewMOD  
  2018OSX --enable-cairo fails with Cairo svnNewMOD  
  2020drawing mistakes with --enable-cairo enabledNewMOD  
  2042fltk2 does not compile on DragonFly BSDNewMOD  
  2044resizable not reset after removeNewMOD  
  2047Tabs: shrink pager + long tab text + narrow window = corrupt display of tab text NewMOD  
  2048Tabs + clear_double_buffer() + narrow window = storm of redraw events NewMOD  
  2049MenuTabPager::draw_tabs very weirdNewMOD  
  2062Zero height tabs show white label textNewMOD  
  2064fltk-2.0.x-r6403 does not builds without openglNewMOD  
  2092With MAC OSX Leopard, I had to hack into Makefiles to complete --enable-shared optionNewMOD  
  2111W: shared-lib-calls-exit /usr/lib/libfltk2.so.2.0 NewMOD  
  2119fltk::Group::replace(int, Widget&) does not notify old parent of removalNewMOD  
  2160Several functions in class fltk::Widget undefinedConfig FilesNewMOD  
  2210value() returns incorrect value during button pressCore LibraryNewMOD  
  2230Menus should not be animated when using Compiz - Ubuntu 9.04NewMOD  
  2231Browser doesn't recalculate column width when item has an imageNewMOD  
  2236WidgetAssociation.cxx is missing from MSVS 2005/2008 fltk 2.0 projectsNewMOD  
  2238linkage specifier incorrect in Cursor.hNewMOD  
  2239with --disable-gl, glut/glpuzzle.cxx tries to build anyway and failsNewMOD  
  2240WidgetAssociation.cxx compile fails with Visual C++ 6 - Error: unable to convert param for 'foreach'NewMOD  
  2258Cairo.h is missing from build.NewMOD  
  2319fltk::setfont() crashes as fontopen() returns NULLNewMOD  
  2391Cursor contructor not declared with proper external linkage in fltk dllNewMOD  
  2392WidgetAssociations.cxx lost from vcnet 7.1 project after upgrade to 9.0NewMOD  
  2403FLTK assumes support for XineramaNewMOD  
  2415arc requires cairo.lib even in release modeNewMOD  
  2427Strange cursor behavior in child GlWindowNewMOD  
  2567The 'then' statement is equivalent to the 'else' statementNewMOD  
  2568dubious logical expresion on 'if' statementNewMOD  
  2758fltk-2 lock.cxx fails with gcc-4.6.1NewMOD  
  2800background not drawn in widget when label empty and image has been set to nullNewMOD  
  2872Fullscreen and then off does not return the border decorationsNewMOD  
  3064[FLTK2] fltk::gldrawtext always draws in whiteNewMOD  
  21(XWindow) Memory leak in Window::copy_label() WIN32PendingLOW  
  108Automatically link correct libraries in Visual C++WIN32PendingLOW  
  449OSX detachable menus "feature"MacOSPendingLOW  
  494Rectangular selection not displayed as a rectangle...Core LibraryPendingLOW  
  521Mac support in 2.0 docs.DocumentationPendingLOW  
  675All functions in fl_ask.H is not thread safe (using fltk thread model)Core LibraryPendingLOW  
  1249Is there a memleak in cube demo in test folder?Example ProgramsNewLOW  
  1304Resizable and ResizeNewLOW  
  1325fltk::getdescent () returns 0NewLOW  
  1334Input widget do not have WHEN_CHANGED behavior as defaultNewLOW  
  1350Fluid2 problem with image inlining NewLOW  
  1369Trivial warnings fix (and maybe 64-bit bugs fix)NewLOW  
  1388FIX: CheckButton and RadioButton in BrowserNewLOW  
  1423Redraw problems with ScrollGroup w/NO_BOX itemsCore LibraryNewLOW  
  1473fluid2 doesn't handle static class member callback functions properlyNewLOW  
  1508The index.html in the documentation directory redirects to an unexisting pathNewLOW  
  1517warnings for fltk-2.0.x-r5547 on i686-apple-darwin9 and powerpc-apple-darwin9NewLOW  
  1529fltk2 deactivated group shows children as activeNewLOW  
  1545Default fltk.dsw solution config is 'Debug Cairo' instead of 'Release'NewLOW  
  1612TextDisplay::draw_string() ATTR_UNDERLINE drawline() errorNewLOW  
  1627Strange behavior wih drawimage()NewLOW  
  1629BUGFIX for wrong scrollbar size on Microsoft WindowsNewLOW  
  1662FLTK API docs: request for standard documenting of pointer return valuesNewLOW  
  1674Adding displaylines() accessability to fltk::BrowserNewLOW  
  1675AnsiWidget demo application does not work well on Linux/X11X11PendingLOW  
  1712RELEASE and DRAG events naver come into Widget::handle() at WindowsCore LibraryPendingLOW  
  1713FLTK 2.0 manualNewLOW  
  1732GlWindow inside PackedGroup problemsNewLOW  
  1737window->resizable(window) does not make all contents resizeNewLOW  
  1757bad AltGr behaviourNewLOW  
  1765Input widgets should support alignment for contentsNewLOW  
  1769If widget in fltk::ScrollGroup has width more than ~ 32700, in certain scroll positions it isn't drawedNewLOW  
  1788Browser do selection but don't do callback after adding first elementNewLOW  
  1797MinGW DLL build contains unneccessary exports (fix included)NewLOW  
  1808FLTK2's fluid does respect namespaces correctlyNewLOW  
  1825draw_overlay() OS-specific effectNewLOW  
  1848Menu::insert() does not work correctly when inserting an ItemList (it works like add())NewLOW  
  1930ColorChooser wrapsNewLOW  
  1957TextDisplay incorrectly displays after buffer changeNewLOW  
  1977fltk::setfont() documentation error on linux/x11/xftNewLOW  
  1985Radio button behavior sub-optimalNewLOW  
  1999V2.0 user HTML documentataion, no valid rootNewLOW  
  2009Parentless Popup Menus Are Not Placed CorrectlyNewLOW  
  2072Input method ONLY works when mouse pointer move out of window in LinuxNewLOW  
  2090Incorrect instructions for building documentationNewLOW  
  2116adding non-RADIO widgets to group "breaks" setonly()NewLOW  
  2143GCC4 warnings and a deprecated X functionNewLOW  
  2167About the original creator of the Forms libraryNewLOW  
  2255disable RPATHNewLOW  
  2256Click on check- or radiobutton doesn't move the focus to that buttonCore LibraryNewLOW  
  2312documentation index.html file is incorrectNewLOW  
  2331fltk2 AND SharedImageNewLOW  
  2398potentially unsafe behaviour for imagesNewLOW  
  2425Memory leaks in fluid2NewLOW  
  2457Patch to fix window icon on 64bit X11 (linux)NewLOW  
  2487fltk2_glut.dll won't build DLL/DSOActiveLOW  
  2496Win32 sockets: USE_ASYNC_SELECT and high CPU usageNewLOW  
  2611Multiple InputBrowsers will cause hangCore LibraryActiveLOW  
  2765fltk::TiledGroup NewLOW  
  2Unclamped ROLLER with delta()Core LibraryPendingRFE  
  25Support of protected in any declaration and widgets in fluidFLUIDActiveRFE  
  171Support for class member callbacks.Core LibraryPendingRFE  
  206rotated text drawingPendingRFE  
  377Improve Fl_Int/Float_input input methodCore LibraryPendingRFE  
  431Submenu doesn't stick when you click on itCore LibraryActiveRFE  
  543can't change position of Fl_Input_ subclasses through position()Core LibraryPendingRFE  
  609Three-state checkboxesCore LibraryNewRFE  
  656OpenGL and context deletionOpenGLNewRFE  
  665Support for filename drag-n-drop on MacOS XMacOSNewRFE  
  686GLUT Joystick support does not work with FLTKGLUT EmulationNewRFE  
  732Improved Icon support for Win32 and X11 (but no Mac yet...)Core LibraryNewRFE  
  812Make XOpenIM() call for input device selectiveNewRFE  
  855Text selection feature for Fl_Help_View widget.NewRFE  
  875fluid option to shrinkwrap window around contentsNewRFE  
  881Option to set alignment for individual columns in Browser widgetNewRFE  
  923OpenVMS port of fltkNewRFE  
  925Icon fixes in Windows and XNewRFE  
  1017Add support for i18n to FLUIDFLUIDPendingRFE  
  1055Menu tear-offNewRFE  
  1071TextEditor does not treat utf-8 correctoly [PATCH]NewRFE  
  1074libintl support for fluidNewRFE  
  1114fltk.spec relfect cvs snapshotBuild FilesPendingRFE  
  1130A global file for setting FLTK defaults like the default font (think .gtkrc)NewRFE  
  1136Write Unicode and other character using equivalent number for Windows [Alt + number] for Linux (GNOME) [ctrl + shift + number] but feature not available in FLTK editorNewRFE  
  1170FLTK windows, regardless of their type, are always treated as application windows (thus maximized) on MatchboxX11NewRFE  
  1251Whole 2D widget rendering via agg libraryNewRFE  
  1259Strange pop-up behavior in FLUID2FLUIDNewRFE  
  1261FLUID wp4 : add an optional,configurable Toolbox to fluidFLUIDNewRFE  
  1262Implement when available high resolution timers to get_time_secs()Core LibraryNewRFE  
  1263Callback Update improvementsNewRFE  
  1270extended GLUT emulationNewRFE  
  1285hirachical MultiBrowser selected functionNewRFE  
  1288WHEN_ENTER_KEY call only on enterCore LibraryNewRFE  
  1311FLUID splash screenFLUIDNewRFE  
  1337something is wrong with fltk alpha in X11, when I disable XFTNewRFE  
  1343RFE: extension to FLTK2's browser for interactively resizable columnsNewRFE  
  1351FLTK2 Table WidgetNewRFE  
  1357Scrolling capabilities in menusNewRFE  
  1362Is there or will there be, a layout manager for the components?NewRFE  
  1375glu.h headerNewRFE  
  1444Own non-client area for fltk windowsNewRFE  
  1480User messagesNewRFE  
  1502New './configure' flag to disable .SILENT in makeincludeNewRFE  
  1518CoolInput with inline popup-menu on 2 langs [en,ru]NewRFE  
  1540Please restore BGR PixelType support in drawimage NewRFE  
  1560crosscompiling under unix and (compiling under windows with MINGW)NewRFE  
  1569FLTK is not taking advantage of compiler flagsNewRFE  
  1618show_cursor for fltk::InputNewRFE  
  1638MENU_STAYS_UP - very good and usefull idea! NewRFE  
  1640"When" field in callbacksNewRFE  
  1648Menu browsing wrap aroundCore LibraryNewRFE  
  1657how porting fltk to other os, eg: ST20/Nucleus........NewRFE  
  1658advise to separate the engine lib and the controlNewRFE  
  1659Missing "virtual" keyword in some .h filesNewRFE  
  1663ability to compile FLTK as single translation unitNewRFE  
  1725FLTK2's FLUID (and FLTK lib) should handle better UTF8 input/output charsNewRFE  
  1728Using freeglutNewRFE  
  1731SetCursorPosition implementationNewRFE  
  1750FLUID should not generate castsNewRFE  
  1764FLTK2.0 should support some form of DrawContextNewRFE  
  1772Are there any ways to draw borders around browser items?NewRFE  
  1826fltk2-svn compiler error under x86_64-pc-mingw32 platformNewRFE  
  1828fluid -c try to open display while it doesn't need itNewRFE  
  1835user-defined eventsNewRFE  
  1838Bad DocumentationNewRFE  
  1839Dial should have no boundsNewRFE  
  1841consistent guarding: fltk::Unguard,FltkGuard,FltkUnguardNewRFE  
  1944Would like tooltip_copy, analogous to copy_labelNewRFE  
  1965Few changes to fluid2NewRFE  
  1976I would like a "inverse" transform() (device to user coordinates)NewRFE  
  1978There is a fair amout of "kruft" in fuction namesNewRFE  
  1982Rewrite the fltk to use the newer and faster XCB instead of XlibNewRFE  
  1990Support for multiple visuals inside an applicationNewRFE  
  1996Adding native Antialiasing within FLTK2NewRFE  
  2008Browser column header doesn't allow for multi-line labelsNewRFE  
  2010need copy_tooltipNewRFE  
  2015function for feeling rectangles and other shapes with paternNewRFE  
  2035Getting odd slider valuesNewRFE  
  2170Add widget cloning featureNewRFE  
  2225fltk2 fluid code generation for functionsNewRFE  
  2263better tab completitionNewRFE  
  2295ComboBox NewRFE  
  2351test files fixups (ported version 2.0 to version 2.0) ;-)NewRFE  
  2354Offscreen and off target.NewRFE  
  2356Non-Explosive FluidNewRFE  
  2357More Fluid, Anyone? (double-click fix and NOW! Proper inlined image code)NewRFE  
  2358Making Test Demos TipNewRFE  
  2360Proposal re. Events DiagnosticsNewRFE  
  2362Scrollbars fixed in HelpViewNewRFE  
  2371Could you change Widget::do_callback to virtual function?NewRFE  
  2424Google Native Client SupportNewRFE  
  2492Enhancements for Choice class (Mouse wheel, PgUp/PgDown/Home/End keys)NewRFE  
  2548Converting all fltk2 strings to UTF8Core LibraryNewRFE  
  3082FLTK2.0 - patch to make text antialiased in Linux and non-antialiased with WindowsCore LibraryNewRFE  

FLTK 3.0

FLTK 3.0 was an experimental branch intended to combine the stability of FLTK 1.3 with a more modern API based on FLTK 2.0. It is currently in pre-alpha state, but dormant (abandoned).



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