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STR #1636

Application:FLTK Library
Status:5 - New
Priority:3 - Moderate, e.g. unable to compile the software
Scope:2 - Specific to an operating system
Summary:borland 5.5.1 command line compiler
Created By:bnolsen
Assigned To:Unassigned
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 bnolsen
09:19 Mar 21, 2007
#2 bnolsen
09:21 Mar 21, 2007
#3 bnolsen
09:21 Mar 21, 2007
#4 bnolsen
09:24 Mar 21, 2007
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#1 bnolsen
14:49 Mar 20, 2007
Since the borland 5.5 command line compiler works fully under WINE with almost no effort I have a desire to use this compiler to build in parallel with the normal gcc builds on linux.

Generated a for src/ to make a static library that i was able to link to make a valid running application o winxp.

Was able to generate an fltk.lib with the borland 5.5.1 compiler using the same pieces.  Required some ifdefs to be modified (mostly adding more _MSC_VER directives).

Unfortunately had problems with linking.  Problem ended up being:

.cxx files contain "using namespace fltk;" declaration.
.cxx files need to be changed to have the namespace defined as part of the function implementation: ie:
"int fltk::Scrollbar(int, int....)"
compiler is demanding implementation of destructors.

I guess I could go through the effort of putting up a patch for these if necessary.

The namespace repropagation would be a good thing but would pretty much hit everything.

The big bonus of this compiler is that it's totally free and it runs very well under WINE on linux.
#2 bnolsen
09:19 Mar 21, 2007
Update to that:

Was able to get things to *mostly* compile.  Fluid didn't go, the macro used with system_command didn't compile.  I don't consider fluid essential.

GL isn't done yet.

Applications all crash under wine.
Interestingly enough they apps run on XP when copied from the linux system.
#3 matt
09:44 Mar 21, 2007
This is all quite interesting. First of all, FLTK1 applications compiled on MSWindows VC6 tend to run under Wine without any problems. About your compiler: please consider using the gcc package for cross compiling. A modern compiler that does not recognize "using namespace" and other 10yr stander C++ commands is not worth the money (even if it is free).  
#4 bnolsen
09:29 Nov 07, 2007
Or perhaps try to run through some cleanup.

Where I work we lumped namespaces and typedefs together into the "don't use" category since they tend to obfuscate the code.

Well we use them but only for local aliasing (like const &) to help make the code more readable (and fit in 80 columns when necessary).
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