STR #1845

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STR #1845

Application:FLTK Library
Status:5 - New
Priority:3 - Moderate, e.g. unable to compile the software
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Summary:fltk::TiledGroup fix
Created By:anton146
Assigned To:Unassigned
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 anton146
15:13 Dec 12, 2007
i think i've seen this topic in some mailing list
but it isn't in bug list
current version of fltk::TiledGroup is broken - Widget::resizable() doesn't work as supposed

have i properly understood that TiledGroup isn't documented because of issues of this kind? if it is, may be it's time to fix it?
at the moment i use this quick fix, and to me it seems to be better:

Index: src/TiledGroup.cxx
--- src/TiledGroup.cxx (revision 5990)
+++ src/TiledGroup.cxx (working copy)
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
       position(p[5], p[7], p[5]+w()-p[1], p[7]+h()-p[3]);
   // Stop Group::layout() from moving the children any more:
-  layout_damage(layout_damage() & ~(LAYOUT_WH|LAYOUT_DAMAGE));
+  if(sdrag) layout_damage(layout_damage() & ~(LAYOUT_WH|LAYOUT_DAMAGE));
@@ -87,7 +87,6 @@
 int TiledGroup::handle(int event) {
-  static int sdrag;
   static int sdx, sdy;
   static int sx, sy;
 #define DRAGH 1
#2 spitzak
23:37 Jul 15, 2008
what sets sdrag?  
#3 anton146
02:12 Jul 16, 2008
This isn't really fix, as far as I remember it fixed resizable() issue but broke something else. Sorry, I don't really remember - I've changed the GUI so I don't use TiledGroup anymore  
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