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STR #2698

Application:FLTK Library
Status:4 - Pending
Priority:4 - High, e.g. key functionality not working
Scope:2 - Specific to an operating system
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:ENTER and LEAVE events are always generated by mouse movement
Created By:jsg4z
Assigned To:bgbnbigben
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 jsg4z
16:03 Aug 10, 2011
On our RHEL5 linux machines, ENTER and LEAVE events are sent to widgets when ever the mouse moves within them.  This can be seen in the test/subwindow.cxx program by moving the mouse inside the inner window.   This makes highlighting on mouse over impossible to deal with.  
#2 bgbnbigben
21:25 Aug 11, 2011
What sort of highlighting are you attempting? fltk::drawflags() has the HIGHLIGHT flag, which allows you to work all sorts of magic from inside your (overridden) draw() function. The damage(DAMAGE_HIGHLIGHT); function call also forces your widget to redraw its highlight.

With reference to the test/subwindow.cxx example, Both ENTER and LEAVE events are sent, however they're actually sent in the order LEAVE / ENTER. This means you should still be able to have highlighting on mouse over working fine - assuming you highlight on ENTER.

FWIW, if you add "theme(xp_theme);" as the first line of main() to test/button.cxx, you should see the attempt at an XP theme being enabled. This should also be a fairly decent test of the highlight functionality on your machine; the Button's all have a separate image for highlighting (which is apparent on my machine, anyway).
If the test/button.cxx example doesn't highlight for you, then I might have to dig a little deeper, but ATPIT what you've described isn't unexpected.
#3 jsg4z
10:51 Aug 12, 2011
I have a Group containing 5 Widgets and want to show a sixth Widget in the Group when the mouse is within the Group. So I call show() on ENTER and hide() on LEAVE on this Widget.  Since the system is calling MOVE,ENTER,LEAVE,MOVE,ENTER,LEAVE,MOVE,ENTER,LEAVE  instead of ENTER,MOVE,MOVE,MOVE,MOVE,LEAVE as I expected it to, the drawing looks strange.  It kinda flickers.  
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