STR #2752

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STR #2752

Application:FLTK Library
Status:3 - Active
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:Allow down arrow to open input-choice drop down menu
Created By:dfatfl
Assigned To:AlbrechtS
Fix Version:1.4.0 (SVN: v12192)
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#1 dfatfl
01:28 Oct 29, 2011
#2 AlbrechtS
14:48 Mar 12, 2017
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#1 dfatfl
01:28 Oct 29, 2011
Option to enable Alt-Down when focus is on input field and Alt-Down or Down arrow on button.  Combo boxes in Windows also use down arrow to open.

Note, this also splits the Fl_Input_Choice.H in to a new Fl_Input_Choice.cxx file to prevent potential inline functions, reducing code bloat.  It adds a convenence inline function maximum_size() to set on input widget.

It will be hard to see the changes if the .H file is updated before using the new split version.
#2 dfatfl
13:00 Nov 05, 2011
This one assumes STR2750 would be applied first which does the split of the .H file to both a .H and .cxx file.  
#3 AlbrechtS
08:53 Aug 09, 2016
Moved to 1.4-feature.  
#4 AlbrechtS
15:51 Mar 11, 2017
Fixed in Subversion repository.

svn r12192 separates Fl_Input_Choice.H and Fl_Input_Choice.cxx but doesn't add the proposed method maximum_size() and doesn't add down arrow handling (yet).

See also STR #2750:

I'm not sure if the down arrow handling would be consistent with arrow key handling for navigation elsewhere in the library. Although it is no longer used to leave text input fields (Fl_Input) it can still be used for navigation from button to button.

This can be seen in test/input_choice:
 - click on the text input field
 - press TAB
 - now use up and down arrow keys to navigate between the buttons

Although the patch proposes to add an option to enable and disable the new behavior this might be confusing.

I'd like to get comments about this...
#5 AlbrechtS
14:48 Mar 12, 2017
FWIW: uploaded the remaining feature request as handle_down_arrow.patch.  
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