STR #3282

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STR #3282

Application:FLTK Library
Status:4 - Pending
Priority:2 - Low, e.g. a documentation error or undocumented side-effect
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:Fl_Table::handle() returns 1 on right clicks
Created By:mikesart
Assigned To:greg.ercolano
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 greg.ercolano
23:55 Dec 15, 2023
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#1 mikesart
17:29 Jan 28, 2016
This bit of code in Fl_Table.cxx is returning 1 when right clicking on my table, which is preventing my poor popup menu from showing up.

      switch ( context ) {
        case CONTEXT_CELL:
          // FL_PUSH on a cell?
          ret = 1; // express interest in FL_RELEASE

I believe it should check for ( _event_button == 1 ) like the CONTEXT_NONE and CONTEXT_COL_HEADER cases.
#2 matt
07:37 Feb 02, 2019
Assigned to Greg. Not sure if this request breaks things. It feels to me like setting a callback may also be used to pop up menus per item?!  
#3 greg.ercolano
23:55 Dec 15, 2023
Yeah, not sure I can make the requested change.

If you want a popup menu, the way to do it is as matt describes, basically
in the table's callback():
  if ( Fl::event_button() == FL_RIGHT_MOUSE ) { // Right mouse click?
    int context = callback_context();           // get the table's callback context
    switch (context) {
      // EXAMPLE: clicked on header or cell? popup a menu
      case CONTEXT_CELL: {
        // Create context sensitive menu label
        char s[80];
        if ( context == CONTEXT_CELL ) sprintf(s, "Cell %c%d", 'A'+callback_col(), callback_row());
        else                           sprintf(s, "Column %c", 'A'+callback_col());
        // Create context menu dynamically, get user's choice
        Fl_Menu_Button menu(Fl::event_x(), Fl::event_y(), 80, 1);
        menu.add(s,        0, 0, 0, FL_MENU_DIVIDER|FL_MENU_INACTIVE);
        menu.add("Item 1", 0, 0);
        menu.add("Item 2", 0, 0);
        // Post the menu, see what the user picked
        const Fl_Menu_Item *item = menu.popup();
        if ( item ) printf("You chose '%s'\n", item->label());
      default: break;

Attaching a fully working example table example program, "table-with-right-click-menu.cxx",
which has a right-click context sensitive menu that posts (for example) over:

  - Column headers
  - Cells

The posted menu shows the column and row# as the menu title, showing how
the menu knows which cell it was posted over, so the menu can be appropriate
for that particular cell.

Will probably close this after a few days, unless the OP comes back with
a problem not solved by this approach.
#4 greg.ercolano
00:11 Dec 16, 2023
Added examples/table-with-right-click-menu.cxx
to 1.4.x with commit bdbd349.
#5 greg.ercolano
08:51 Dec 29, 2023
Hmm, was about to close, but gonna leave this open a bit more to see if there's some way through the API to provide a solution.

Fl_Menu_Button provides a button mask via type(), e.g.

    Fl_Menu_Button mb(...);
    mb.type(POPUP1);    // popup menu when left button (POPUP1) is clicked

There's probably a better API than using type(), but I'm thinking Fl_Table could make use of such a mask so as to only invoke the callback() when the proper mask bits are set.

Also, I imagine we might need such a mask for handing different modern input devices, such as pen tablets (eraser clicks and option button clicks) and touch screens (multi-finger gestures).

The default for such a mask could preserve existing behavior, while allowing new applications to only respond to certain clicks (e.g. only left-clicks)

Other devs: are there any plans or suggest ways the application can specify which buttons widgets respond to when invoking callbacks?

For example, currently left/middle/right will "click" an Fl_Button, but perhaps we'd want to allow the user to control this in a way that affects other widgets too (such as Fl_Table cells).
#6 greg.ercolano
08:51 Dec 29, 2023
Oops, closed by accident - leaving open/pending.  
#7 greg.ercolano
09:08 Dec 29, 2023
Posted on today to see if there's any plans for the above mentioned API changes.

Subject for that thread is:

    RFC: api for application to control which mouse buttons trigger callbacks?

Will follow up here to see if that's an option to solve.
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