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STR #975

Application:FLTK Library
Status:5 - New
Priority:3 - Moderate, e.g. unable to compile the software
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Summary:InputBrowser multiple issues
Created By:vedran
Assigned To:Unassigned
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 vedran
03:04 Aug 24, 2005
#2 vedran
03:04 Aug 24, 2005
#3 grg1962
03:28 Dec 13, 2006
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Trouble Report Comments:

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#1 vedran
03:01 Aug 09, 2005
These can be verified with the InputBrowser used on test/menu:

- Click on down arrow - list opens, click again on down arrow - list doesn't close! The only way to close widget as I can see is Escape button
- While the list is open one can't switch to another window or give focus to any other widget inside window (this may be specific to X11)
- The list has a horizontal scrollbar - that should never happen
- The list also has a vertical scrollbar - while this is possible to happen, there should be well defined rules about this, possibly similar to fltk::Choice
- This widget sometimes becomes read-only for no apparent reason
- Escape cancels the last entered text (this is of dubious usability on a ComboBox widget)

Could we just have a widget that is just like fltk::Choice except that the list isn't centered on the currently selected option, but opens below widget (as with InputBrowser)? Editability can be added later.
#2 vedran
03:04 Aug 24, 2005
I have made extensive changes to InputBrowser class that fix all the above issues + add support for keyboard navigation and mousewheel (using wheel above InputBrowser will rotate among available options without popping up the list - just like in other popular GUIs).

Due to extensive nature of these changes it pointless to present them as a patch, and also I would like this to be reviewed. I will attach the corresponding files shortly.
#3 dejan
03:33 Aug 26, 2005
Your patches are applied, but problem is not completely fixed.  
#4 fabien
01:07 Apr 13, 2006
Indeed, some problems that still happen are i.e :
+ when popup is open, no keyboard shortcut is taken
+ when opening popup, moving the main window, reopen -> popup still open at the same (unaligned with new position) place.

I'll try to have a look at these.
#5 vedran
06:12 May 31, 2006
I can't reproduce the second issue mentioned by Fabien (using Linux gcc 4.0). The first issue is there, but also another thing: the button with down arrow should behave as toggle e.g. clicking once should open menu and second time should close it. At the moment this doesn't work reliably.

Please keep the STR open until all this is resolved.

#6 german
11:39 Oct 04, 2007
I found other issues:
First, if you click on down arrow of an InputBrowser, list opens (I' using an empty list) and then click on down arrow of another InputBrowser, the program freezes.

Another, Can the InputBrowser take another "when condition" than WHEN_CHANGED? I tried to change using the when() method but this take no care of this, it is as if it did not pass anything.
thanks and excuse by my wrong English
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