STR #732

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STR #732

Application:FLTK Library
Status:5 - New
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:Improved Icon support for Win32 and X11 (but no Mac yet...)
Created By:joekrahn
Assigned To:Unassigned
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 joekrahn
14:02 Mar 07, 2005
#2 joekrahn
14:03 Mar 07, 2005
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#1 joekrahn
11:22 Feb 26, 2005
Here is some source code for improved icon support under Win32 and X11. It is currently written as a Window subclass, and works well (for me) under FTK 1.1.6.

I've included the header at the top of the attached source file.

Creates plain X11 Color+Mask Pixmaps, or ARGB NET_WM_ICONs when supported.
Creates WinXP DIB icons with alpha, or standard DDB bitmask icons.
In both cases, the icons are updated for active windows.

Win32 note: Documentation states that CreateIcon requires DDBs. I am assuming that pre-WinXP GDI will return unsuccessfully if given a DIB, in which case the DIB is reduced to a DDB. But, this has not been tested.

Some rules for supporting Large and Small icons, and possibly additional sizes.

Move some init code, like checking for WM_NET_ICON support, into FLTK's init routines.

Mac OSX support; a bit more involved due to icon resource organization. I couldn't find any example code for direct run-time icon building. Look here for documentation:

Have fun,
Joe Krahn
#2 spitzak
14:33 Mar 05, 2005
The file seems to be missing.

Certainly this is an often-requested feature. I would like 2.0 to be able to set the icon directly from any Symbol object. Of course I would also like the Cursor to be set this way too. In both cases the OS interface is painful.
#3 mike
05:10 Oct 06, 2005
Updated this STR to be a priority 2 against 1.1.x, in case we decide to include this in 1.1.7...  
#4 matt
06:50 Oct 10, 2005
Hmm, this is about changing the application icon in the dock bar at run-time, right? This should be really easy on the Mac, since OS X provides two wonderful functions for this:

SetApplicationDockTileImage sets the image that is displayed in the Dock, and CreateCGImageFromPixMaps creates the required images from a 128x128 rgb and alpha map.

The OS X link you provided works the other way around. It provides image information if we feel the desire to render the default application icons in the FLTK file chooser... .
#5 mike
04:49 Nov 02, 2005
OK, I'm reassigning this to 2.0; after playing a bit to do the code to support all image types in 1.1.x and to support OSX, it is pretty clear that this will be a major undertaking.  
#6 Natevw
18:28 Dec 01, 2005
Here's the link to matt's functions:
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