STR #2896

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STR #2896

Application:FLTK Library
Status:5 - New
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:Better looking menu dividers
Created By:ajapted
Assigned To:Unassigned
Fix Version:Unassigned
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#1 ajapted
03:13 Dec 04, 2012
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#1 ajapted
03:13 Dec 04, 2012
The following patch supports making nicer looking menu
dividers, as shown by the attached image.

It does not affect the API or ABI of FLTK, and is unlikely
to affect existing programs (or if it does, harmlessly).
The patch merely vertically centers the dividing line in a menu
when the text is an empty string ("") and FL_MENU_INACTIVE is set.

-- Andrew

=== modified file 'src/Fl_Menu.cxx'
--- src/Fl_Menu.cxx 2012-12-04 10:41:23 +0000
+++ src/Fl_Menu.cxx 2012-12-04 10:49:26 +0000
@@ -467,10 +467,14 @@
   if (m->flags & FL_MENU_DIVIDER) {
+    int ofs = hh;
+    // center the dividing line if inactive and text == ""
+    if ((m->flags & FL_MENU_INACTIVE) && m->text && !m->text[0])
+      ofs = hh/2;
-    fl_xyline(BW-1, yy+hh+(LEADING-2)/2, W-2*BW+2);
+    fl_xyline(BW-1, yy+ofs+(LEADING-2)/2, W-2*BW+2);
-    fl_xyline(BW-1, yy+hh+((LEADING-2)/2+1), W-2*BW+2);
+    fl_xyline(BW-1, yy+ofs+((LEADING-2)/2+1), W-2*BW+2);
#2 matt
06:17 Jan 20, 2023
I have put hours into this, and it does not work that easily. The menu code relies on every menu entry to have the same height, n matter if it has a divider or not. I proposed a solution that would also adapt to menu font height, but that was rejected from a few core devs. I know that this entry is a decade old and fell to the wayside, but at least it's nice to see that I am not the only one who dislikes the menu layout ;-)  
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