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  • A dockable toolbar demo 1.0

    Yet another demonstration of a technique that you could use to produce dockable/undockable toolbars using FLTK. Tested on OSX, linux and WinXP. Should work anywhere that FLTK works!

  • Cartesian 1.1

    A 2D graphics library for visualisation of objects (especially scientific data) relative to various coordination systems.
    Features: non-limited number of logarithmic and linear axes with many modes of tick and grid generation and rescalling Various objects (points, lines, bars) can be plotted. User can also define objects with custom drawing.

  • Cool FLTK2-CVS patch

    Will add superior look to your existing FLTK2 application. Note, that this patch doesn't work with FLTK 1.0.x series. To use it, you need FLTK2 CVS snapshot. The patch tested with CVS snapshot from May-7-2001

  • CoolInput 0.3

    Linux/Win32 FLTK2

    CoolInput descendant of widget Input, With a popup menu, caused click right mouse button.

    Add class CoolInputBrowser (with popup menu click right button mouse), CoolInputBrowser with max item in menu, manip styles menu and menu scrolls.

    Add class Conteiner, class for manip strings.

    Add Icon.h, functions set icons.

    Tested on pentium4 [arch x86] Gentoo Linux 2.6.17 [GCC-4.1.1] && WinXP SP1[GCC-3.4.2 (MINGW32)]

  • ESP Widget Set 2.0 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Full collection of widgets, including docos.

    CheckButton, FileBrowser, FileChooser, FileIcon, FileInput, Fl_Wizard, HelpView, HelpDialog, HelpApp.

  • FL Wave 1.0

    A simple waveform viewer applet intended for use in a multitrack audio editor. Uses a simple callback to request data to display making it flexible without causing a headache.

  • fl-arc-glwindow 0.1

    FL-Arc-GLWindow contains the FLTK implementation of the arcball rotation control, originally proposed by Ken Shoemake.
      This is a C++ library that is derived from Fl_Gl_Window and can be used to visualize objects in 3-D space.

  • FLEK (Fast Light Environment Kit)

    Flek intends to provide high level cross platform "environment" libraries.  Flek intends to provide a layer of functionality similar to the KDE or Gnome libraries except based on Fltk.  Flek includes widgets like: Fl_Dockable_Group, Fl_App_Window, Fl_Calendar, Fl_Toggle_Tree, and more.

  • flews 0.3

    A small set of extended Widgets for FLTK.
    The current version (0.3) contains the following widgets:

    • Fl_Value_Slider_Input
    • Fl_Value_Input_Spin
    • Fl_Spin
    • Fl_Ball
    • Fl_Multi_Value_Slider
    • Fl_Pack_2D
    and the following classes helper functions:
    • Fl_Quaternion
    • fl_trackball
    • gl_image
  • FLPTK (Fast List Plugin Toolkit) alpha snapshots

    Fast Light Plugin Toolkit (FLPTK) is a fork of FLTK2 with the goal of being more usable for application plugin GUIs that run independently of the GUI of the host.

    It is experimental. Present, slowly ongoing work includes gradually combining the FLTK2-derived codebase with new developments from FLTK1.3, as well as continuing to work on FLPTK's main addition: Context separation, allowing several GUIs in a program running the same instance of the library to keep formerly global data and settings to themselves.

  • FLTK 1.1.x UTF8/XIM patch

  • FLTK Dock 0.07

    FLTK Dock is a dockable window framework for Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK). It provides advance, customizable toolbar and window with docking and floating functionalities for general desktop application.

    It works fine although some developments are required. Currently it is compatible with FLTK-2 and tested on both Windows and Linux platforms.

    Further development is mostly depending on FLTK user interest on it. You can post your opinion on FLTK Dock forum. You can use bugs tracker for reporting bugs, feature requests tracker for submit features, open discussion forum for posting general discussion and help forum for required help about it. [ Home | Download ]

  • FLTK Flow Group(Layout) 0.0.3

    Align like a flow of widget for the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK). FLTK FlowGroup 0.0.3 (Former FLTK FlowLayout) is now available.

  • FLTK Seven Segment 0.2.0

    FLTK Seven Segment is used to display digital data. Fully compatible with FLTK-2

  • FLTK Trackball 0

    my university deleted my account :(

    Fl_Gl_Tb_Window provides automatic mouse
              manipulation of OpenGL objects:

    • rotation with left mouse button

    • object translation with middle mouse

    • center of rotation translation with
                  left+middle mouse button

    • scaling with right mouse button
  • fltkl (layout for fltk2) 20110313

    This is a preview release of some basic automatic layout tools for fltk2.

    Features include:

    fltkl::GroupLayout (derives from fltk::Group). fltkl::LayoutHorz/LayoutVert fltkl::LayoutAdder helper for code compaction

    fltkl::presize (required overload for multi widgets). fltkl::presizeToMaxWide to presize a bunch of "column label widgets".

    extra: fltkl::GroupStack

  • Fltk_Contour 5.3.2

    This is my attempt to develop an easy scientific data visualization widget for the FLTK library. I am developing and improving the code day to day. The widget is an OpenGL based contour visualizer for Linux, which allow you to built 2D and 3D graph of contour and colour map for a xy regular or scattered data set. There is a good example with the topographic data of Poland with 5902 data to introduce yourself how to use it. There is not documentation but it is easy to use.

    The data are in XYZ format, where Z is a function of XY of the form Z=F(X,Y). The data file is in plain text format. So all what you need is something like this:

    #     X                  Y              Z         ! You can add comments !
    22.79167  54.12500  195.01
    22.87500  54.12500  186.48
    22.95833  54.12500  178.26
    22.04167  54.04167  145.43
    22.12500  54.04167  149.76
    22.20833  54.04167  143.56
    22.29167  54.04167  155.24
    22.37500  54.04167  166.12
    22.45833  54.04167  175.07

    and so on... get the latest version using Git:

    git clone

  • FLU 2.14

    FLTK Utility Widgets. A small library of 1.x widgets including a file browser, tree browser, combo boxes, enhanced Fl_Group substitutes, spinner box, progress meter and more...

  • flvw

    flvw is a library currently consisting of two widgets Flv_List, and Flv_Table.  They provide abstractions for accessing a large amount of data in a list or table/grid.  Many features supported. See web page for details.

    CVS on web page will always be most current

  • flx - FLTK extensions 1.0.0

    A collection of widgets, dialogs, and utility functions for fltk 1.1.x wrapped into a demo.

  • Fl_Brain

    Threads support for FLTK, includes inter-thread communication and GUI<->thread communication. It was tested under Linux and win32. A simple programm on screenshot.

  • Fl_ColumnManager 1.0

    An Fl_ColumnManager controls the row sorting of an Fl_Browser.

    The class is designed to manage the row sorting of the text in an Fl_Browser. Depressing any column button will cause the rows to be sorted by the text in that column. It uses the column_widths() of the associated browser to draw itself. These widths can be changed interactively.

  • fl_connect 1.5

    Yet one more callback API for FLTK that supports member functions and exhibits type safety.  You connect a widget to a callback with a call like

       fl_connect(wid, foo, &Foo::cb, dptr);
    There are overloads to handle member or non-member functions, and callbacks taking 0, 1, or 2 parameters.  There is also an fl_disconnect() that disconnects a given widget.

    The pointers needed to execute the callback are stored in the Widget;  however, no non-compatible changes have been made to Fl_Widget --- the old callback system still works, and interacts nicely with the new system, allowing for easy migration to the new style.

    Version 1.3 brings compatibility with fltk 1.1.5rc2.  Also, I applied the new callback system to Fl_Menu_Item, which I'd originally not done.

    Also provided is a class, Fl_Timeout, that wraps FLTK's timeout callbacks in an easy to use, typesafe and flexible interface.

    Another class, Fl_Idle, provides a wrapper for idle callbacks.  This class is similar to Fl_Timeout, without the concept of repeating or a period.

    Fl_Timeout and Fl_Idle require a real C++ compiler (they use member templates); however, they are completely separate from the rest of the patch, so if you don't want/can't use them, simply ignore them.

    There is complete documentation via doxygen comments, and a total of 4 test programs to examine. 

  • Fl_Connect 1 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Fl_Connect is a working attempt to implement sockets in FLTK. Fl_Connect is currently working for windows but a linux version should be easy to do following the #ifdef WIN32 .

    class Fl_Connect{

            #ifdef WIN32
            //for sending
            SOCKADDR_IN addr_Dest;
            SOCKET sock_Main;//use for listening too
            //for listening
            SOCKADDR_IN addr_Srv, addr_Cli;
            SOCKET sock_Listen;

            char IP[20];
            short port;

            bool connect(char inIP[20],short inPort);
            bool connectDNS(char *inDNS,short inPort);//TODO
            bool listen(int inPort);
            bool send(char*
    inBuffer,int inSizeOfBuffer);
            char *receive(int inLenghtOfMessage);
            bool close();



  • Fl_D3D_Window 1

    Fl_D3D_Window (WIN32 only)
    Supports drawing with Direct3D in FLTK. Similar to the Fl_Gl_Window; includes Direct3D helper classes. To use, DirectX version 7+ must be available.  Please see the rollercoaster example, which uses this widget.

  • Fl_Device

    Printing support for ftlk 1.1.x:
    The dispatching classes allow redirection of all fltk drawings to a user defined device.
    PostScript and GDI (Windows) printing implemented. The library allows also convenient scalling/placement of printed widgets, multi-page printing etc...

  • Fl_DragBar 1.0

    Fl_DragBar is a widget that lets you drag around a Fl_Window with no border or to drag a widget or a group of widgets within a Fl_Window

  • Fl_DragMe V0.0.2

    FL_DragMe is a group of widgets originally developed to be a MDI type interface for StageLight basic. I have released them just in case someone finds them useful in some way. This was my first attempt at widget and event handling.

    For a more complete widget look at using Fl_DragBar

  • Fl_Drawing Set [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    The Fl_Drawing set is a framework to make drawing to other devices than fltk widgets easier. For now, there is a Postscript driver and an fltk driver implemented.

  • Fl_Editor, Fl_MultiEditor

    Word-wrapping text editor widgets for FLTK.  Supports single or multiple buffers, CUA editing keys, automatic word wrap, scrolling, status display, and more.  Can load or save to files or memory buffers, cut and paste, etc. As of v0.3, includes basic and extended widgets -- link only what you need.  Also includes standalone status panel and progress bar widgets. Works on Linux and Win32.

  • Fl_Envelope [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    FLTK Envelope widget, allows to visualize/edit arrays/lists of xy value pairs. Features grids, snaps, selection, etc.

  • Fl_Extent widgets 1.0.2 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    This allows you to write portable fltk (1.1.x and 1.0.x) apps that features: New animated bitmap button widgets (see Fl_RaisedButton) that creates automatic(i.e:embossed) disabled buttons bitmap(see Fl_PixmapDisabler), new _pushed_ buttons bitmap setting possibility, and a collection of new alternative looks...It allows as well handling mouse wheel, Key up and Drag-and-Drop events(dnd for win32 only).

    Changes in 1.0.2: now 1.x stable release up-to-date with latest fltk 1.1x

    Changes in 0.2.8 : update function renaming for new fltk1.1.0beta13 lib

  • Fl_Form Widget [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    This widget is designed for use with FLTK 2.0's layout mechanism. It performs many of the same functions that the Motif XmForm widget does including attachment of widgets to each other, their parent, a fixed spot, or as a percentage of the another widgets width or height. You can read about it in the README file.

  • Fl_Gauge V0.0.6

    Simple Instrument type 270 degree gauge.
    Suitable for electronic measurement display as well as automotive rev-counter and speedometer simulation.
    It has secondary value and odometer display options.
    A green-zone and red-line area can be displayed which are capable of using callbacks if value is inside the zones range.

  • Fl_Gel_Tabs 1.0

    A simple, nice looking, 'Gel' version of the Fl_Tabs widget. An alternative to the old school "Fl_Tabs" widget.

    I realized I kinda preferred Mac OSX's technique to traditional tabs.. their look is kinda simple and elegant, so I made one of my own by starting with fltk's Fl_Tabs widget, then just redoing the look of the buttons.

    Tested on Windows, Linux, and OSX with FLTK 1.1.6. Uses same license as FLTK.

  • Fl_Gl_Box 0.1

    This is a very easy to use OpenGl class. You can easily build OpenGL graphics inside the Fl_Gl_Box widget.

  • Fl_Gnuplot widget [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    A front-end widget to gnuplot. You can get the power of gnuplot from within your fltk applications! Now version 0.4.

  • Fl_Highlight_Editor 0.2

    Fl_Highlight_Editor is extensible and customizable widget for editing text with ability to highlight data. Design was inspired with Emacs editor and you will be able to easily add new modes, customize or rewrite many widget parts using builtin Scheme interpreter.

  • Fl_Knob

    Fl_Knob is a widget to be used as a replacement for the Fl_Dial widget.
    It features : shiny look, casted shadow, linear or log scale-ticks and sizeable cursor.
    Updated july 20th 2001

  • Fl_LED_Button

    Yet another Light button widget trying to mimic LED indicators...

  • Fl_MDI, Fl_Canvas and Fl_Split beta [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Fl_MDI. This is an MDI desktop widget that allows fltk MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications.

    Fl_Canvas. This is Drawing widget (not cartesian) that support auromatic scrolling. graphical primitives, grid, layering (only for goruping primitives, etc.

    Fl_Split. This is a replacement of the fltk Fl_tile widget with minor changes and a little added functionality. If you have problems with the normal Fl_Tile try this one.

  • Fl_Native_File_Chooser 0.83

    The FLTK 'widget' that lets one access the native OS's file chooser from within FLTK programs.

    UPDATE May 10, 2012:

      In 2010, Fl_Native_File_Chooser was added to FLTK 1.3.x. So, for the latest version of this widget, use the one inside FLTK. This is where all new development will be focused.

  • Fl_OpDesk (Node Graph Widget) 0.80

    New release of an FLTK node graph widget.

    A 'node graph' or 'node tree' widget, where users can connect 'operation boxes' together to form interconnects that can be used to generate code (ie. perl, python, C) or other custom data structures that follow a 'tree' of nodes.

    Comes with full documentation. Coded so as to hopefully be added to the FLTK core someday. (Up to the FLTK maintainers.) This widget assumes you have FLTK 1.x and the std C++ library (eg. std::string, std::vector, etc)

    Main page for this widget:

    Release notes here:

  • Fl_OpenCV 0.8

    Simple widget shows OpenCV images OpenCV is cross-platform computer vision library

  • Fl_PlotXY V1.0.13

    I wrote Fl_PlotXY because I needed a simple X-Y plotting widget that I could use for a variety of projects in my workplace. It had to be easy to use as I just wanted to send data to it and have it displayed. Some curent projects it is used in include cryogenics monitoring for XRAY crystalography (Liquid Nitrogen based), titration experiments, pressure monitoring etc.

    Fl_PlotXY is a Simple multi-line X,Y plot widget.
    Each line has its own scaling and colour settings.
    It can load and save simple .csv formated files. Two options, single line X,Y format and multi-line X,Y1,Y2...Yn format.
    Scaling can be Automatic, or manual.
    Values,markers and labels can be drawn on both Axis
    Axis values can be time or formatted double
    Line titles can be displayed.
    Vertical line to display actual value

  • Fl_Rotated_Text 0.1

    Fl_Rotated_Text draws - ehm - rotated text. It is a subclass of Fl_Bitmap class where you can set and change displayed text string (including rotation, colour, font, size and alignment) so the easiest (but not only) way to use it is within Fl_Widget::image() method instead of standard Fl_Widget::label() function. The text can be aligned in a similar way as other labels. Only multiplications of 90 degrees are recently implemented. The implementation should be portable across all major platforms (Windows, *nix, Mac).

  • Fl_Scope V0.1.0

    Fl_Scope is a simple scope type widget used to display a single trace. Several display modes are avaliable. Have used for displaying real time data from ADC. It is really basic and may grow into a full oscilloscope widget in the future.

  • Fl_SevenSeg 1.0

    Fl_SevenSeg is intended to simulate a
     seven segment digital display. It has the look and feel of it.

  • Fl_Signal 0.3

    Callback and signal/slot library for FLTK

    Features: type-safety of callbacks (signals, slots); both functions and class member methods with any number parameters can be used (0-5 are implemented); multiple callbacks can be attached to a widget or a node; callbacks can be dynamically attached to / removed from a widget or a signal; each argument of callback function can be determined either by a value (parameter/value binding), pointer to a variable or as a return value of a sub-call; return values can be either stored in a variable (defined by a pointer), pushed to a sub-call, sent to a signal or used by attached slots as an argument; special callback classes: signals and slots can emit/accept values of any type and propagate the callback event; - it is add-on library (no FLTK patching); both standard fltk callbacks and this library can be used simultaneously

  • Fl_Slot 1.0

    Yet other template callback API for FLTK to support callbacks to non static member functions ;) This API is easy to use, it is just a little header, no FLTK patch. view demosource

    Version 1.0 know 4 slottyps:

    • void slotclass::function(void)
    • void slotclass::function(void* data)
    • void slotclass::function(Fl_Widget* object)
    • void slotclass::function(Fl_Widget* object,void* data)
  • Fl_Table 3.10

    Inspired by the Flvw 'table' widget, which appears to no longer be maintained, so I rewrote it from scratch. Tested with fltk-1.1.3.

    A generic table widget for rows + columns. Has several simple example programs showing how to use it.

    A clean implementation (IMHO) with complete documentation. Hopefully can be added to FLTK someday. Very easy to include in a program, Makefiles for all supported platforms (Windows/Linux/MacOSX/Irix). Screenshots and documentation.

    UPDATE May 10, 2012:

      In 2009, Fl_Table was added to FLTK 1.3.x. So, for the latest version of this widget, use the one inside FLTK. This is where all new development will be focused.

  • Fl_Term 0.9

    An attempt to produce a widget that supports VT100 terminal sequences.

    Includes a basic "xterm" that works under OSX and linux. The basic terminal widget itself works for linux, OSX and win32 hosts.

  • Fl_TimeLine V0.0.11

    FL_TimeLine is a widget designed to be used as the timeline of a Non Linear Editor (NLE).

    It is intened for use in the next release of StageLight Basic, but may be useful in developing Video Editors, Audio Editors, Automation Timing etc etc.

    Development has stopped on this for the moment.... but my still be useful for someone.

  • Fl_ToggleTree Version 0.2.4

    A Tree Browser Widget, with (multiple) selection and icons, inspired by the MacOS finder and other collapsible widgets.

    Minor changes since 0.2.2

    • Lots of bug fixes
    • Should compile with SGI's CC
    View the on-line documentation.
  • Fl_Tree 0.73

    A tree widget.

    Comes with full documentation. Coded so as to hopefully be added to the FLTK core someday. (This is up to the FLTK maintainers.)

    UPDATE April 10, 2010:

      In 2009, Fl_Tree was added to FLTK 1.3.x. So, for the latest version of this widget, see the FLTK 1.3.x version of Fl_Tree. All new development of this widget will be in the FLTK 1.3.x release.

  • Fl_TTF [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    True Type Font buttons. Revised May 27th 2001.

    Check out the home page for FLTK-1.0.11 Tooltips and Fl_tib (toggles icon image and/or text color when mouse over).

  • Geert's extensions [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Some extensions to FLTK:

    • Fl_Versatile: modifiation to Fl_Tile that lets you control the resizing of children of the tile
    • fl_rot_draw: drawing rotated text (WIN and Linux)
    • FLAX: a first attempt to use FLTK for a plugin (WINDOWS only). Development is slow, and at a very premature stage. I'd just like to check if anyone is interested in these extensions.
  • Gel Buttons widget demo 1.0

    A very simple demo of how to produce custom button styles using pixmaps. The included example produces buttons "in the style of" OSX Aqua buttons - good enough for a casual glance, but without the full anti-aliasing that Aqua has.

  • Graphical patch [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    This patch to FLTK add some graphical functionnalities. More image file formats, making easier to have even more file formats, tiled image label, storing compressed image in executable or external file ...

  • Interactive Visualisation Framework - Ivf++ 0.9.2

    Interactive Visualisation Framework is a C++ class library encapsulating OpenGL. It also has a special widget integrating it with the FLTK library.

  • just another simple member function callback implementation 0.0.1

    A really simple one, no patch, fast, C++ standard compliant, just include the header.

    Sample: class fooWin : public Window, public Slot<fooWin> { .....
           // for member widget
           // for this window
        } }

    /*------------------------------fltk/Slot.h--------------------------*/ #ifndef _FLSLOT_H_ #define _FLSLOT_H_

    namespace fltk {
      class Widget;
      template<typename windowT>
      class Slot {
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)()>
        slot() {
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)() const>
        slot() {
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)(),typename widgetT>
    widget) {
        template<void (windowT::*
    methodP)() const,typename widgetT>
        slot(widgetT* widget) {
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)(),typename widgetT>
        slot(widgetT& widget) {
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)() const,typename widgetT>
        slot(widgetT& widget) {
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)()>
        static void self_stub(Widget*
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)() const>
        static void self_stub(Widget*
        template<void (windowT::*methodP)()>
        static void stub(Widget*
    widget,void* window){
        template<void (windowT::*
    methodP)() const>
        static void stub(Widget* widget,void* window){
      }; }

    #endif /* _FLSLOT_H_ */

  • Layout Patch [Stale links 2004-10-14]

    Layout patch for FLTK 1.0. This patch adds API to FLTK base classes for new layout features. There are two small example classes and an example .fl file which uses them. See the README.

  • libfltkui 0.1.x


    Library that builds the FLTK interface at runtime from various file formats used by user interface builders.

    libfltkui is a kind of replacement for libglade that uses FLTK gui toolkit.

    Supported formats: Glade XML.

  • Log 0.91

    The Log-module is a set of functions for logging output to a window. Features an easy to use API, redirection of stdio (both C++ and C kinds), differentiates between debug and release modes and uses a set of multi-platform makefiles.

  • Misc. Widgets

    Contains an Animated_Icon class (now includes support for animated GIFs), a Check_Browser that puts a little checkbox next to each item and is a good example of how to subclass Fl_Browser_, a Progress_Bar, and a Tb_Window, which is a subclass of Fl_Gl_Window that has a trackball-like interface.

  • MRG_TimePicker 1.0 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    A simple and effective Time Picker Control

    Work nicely with FLUID

    tested under Linux and Windows

  • Multi toolkit arcball 0.2.3

    Multiple toolkit arcball widgets: currently support fltk-1.x, fltk-2.x (need r>=6793) and gtkmm (gtkglextmm).

    • multiarcball-0.2.3 released
    • bugfix release
    • multiarcball-0.2.1 released
    • add zoom scale draw
    • multiarcball-0.2.0 released
    • add Custom cursors
    • improve manipulations
    • and other bugs fixes
  • New Text Display & Editor Widgets 2.0

    Fl_RichTextDisplay and Fl_RichTextEditor are new text display and editor classes that provide some improvements over the FLTK-provided Fl_Text_Display and Fl_Text_Editor widgets. They do not require style buffers to be maintained via callback functions. In addition to bold and italic, they support underline, strikethrough, highlight, and hyperlinking. They also provide an improved undo capability to include undo of both editing and styling. The copy/paste functions also preserve styling when copying/pasting within or between Fl_RichTextDisplays / Editors.  This is currently a beta release, and I could use some feedback to help me shake out the bugs. Participation/contributions also welcome. (Update: Latest version as of 11Apr2014 is 1.2b. Numerous bug fixes and behavior improvements to text cursor placement and movement.)

  • Old fltk widgets 1

    Since my site was down by yahoo, I have now another site with my previous widgets. I have a new application there. It is called FLTK HTML Editor. It is not finished project done by FLUID. You have to fix some small changes each time you compile the fluid file (bad programming sorry). I think it could help someone to (use,modify ..etc) the project. There was a bug in the FL-toolbar, it is fixed now.

  • Progress bar [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Fl_Progress_bar widget is a simple implementation of progress bar.

  • Some Extended FLTK Widget na

    Some old widgets and new widget will be added as I create them for my projects. Always tried to make more widget and have more useful widget but never had time. I hope I can add more and more widgets in the future.

  • SPTK 4.00

    Widget toolkit for business-style application development with database support (ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQLite). Supports both FLTK1 and FLTK2 as the graphical subsystem base.

    All the widgets support database connectivity. Special CDialog class makes editing database records easy. Every widget can be connected to the field, and CDialog can be connected to the database table. CDBListView / CDBCombo show the database records as multi columns view, etc.

    There is a set of classes to read and create files in MS Excel 97 format.

    Tested on Linux/BSD/Solaris/Windows/Darwin

  • StatusBox [Stale links 2004-05-29]

    I know you do it, so do I. You use "printf"  statements to help debug. This widget may help you. A survey (which I can no longer find) indicated print statements were the most popular way to debug programs, pretty sad huh? This widget encourages that.

  • Table 040701 [Stale links 2010-10-22]

    Table is a small, simple and easy-to-use Table widget for displaying information in a FLTK program. Table can be used as a row oriented grid or list widget and has quite nice features (like sorting, column resizing and popup menus) built in.

    I wrote Table because I needed a table widget for my database application and I couldn't find any easy widgets to use. Almost everyone required subclassing and providing at least a few methods just to display textual data -- not to mention sorting! So I decided to do it the hard way and made my own widget.

    Table is much simpler (but because of that more restricted) than other table widgets available, like Fl_Table. Table can manipulate textual and integer data straight out of the box.

    Table needs no subclassing. Just add columns with names and optionally different predefined widths, sorting functions and alignments and start adding some data. Data is stored in Table's internal buffer and it's freed automatically so you don't have to keep  any pointers hanging around.

    Included sample program is crappy. I just don't have time to spend on it. If you have suggestions for new demo program please feel free to email me.

  • TableBox 0.9.x


    The TableBox manages a group of widgets that are arranged in rows and columns, making it easy to align many widgets next to each other, horizontally and vertically. The size of a table can be changed using the Size() method. Widgets can be added to a table using the Attach() method. The gaps between all rows or columns can be changed by calling the Gap() method.

    Supports both row and column expanding, filling, spanning and aligning in both X and Y directions. The whole project was inspired by HTML table and GTK+ table widget.

  • TextEdit widget [Stale links 2003-05-22]

    TextEdit widget for the FLTK library. This code has been derived from parts of NEdit. Features CUA-style shortkeys, selecting with dragging, shift clicking, shift dragging, scrolling and colors/fonts.

  • VRML & AC3D browsers [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Fltklookat allows FLTK apps to view VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) files (*.wrl). Tested on Linux and Windows. Other download page: Version 0.0.2 (Update May 27th 2001). Fl_Plib uses PLIB to view AC3D files (Jan. 12th 2002).

  • vtkFLTK 0.6.1

    vtkFLTK is a small C++ class library easing development of FLTK event-driven interfaces for use with VTK. vtkFLTK  allows composition of complex graphical interfaces to complex visualization facilities by bridging disparities between FLTK and VTK event and windowing system handling.

  • Widget Set 1.3 fltk-19990113 -- old [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    An early collection of widgets for fltk-19990113:

    • Containes:
    • Fl_File_Dialog (early attempt, I still like the tab complete)
    • Fl_File_Input (line version of a filedialog)
    • Fl_Dir (good base class for directory management)
    • Fl_Pack (now in V2)
    • Fl_Pix_Box (was to get around lack of image suport)
    • Fl_Pix_Button (as above)
    • Fl_Frametab (now in V2)
    • Fl_NSlider (now in V2...well sort of)

  • Win32 tray icon demo 0.9

    This is a simple demonstration of one of the many ways you can make a FLTK application comunicate with a Win32 style tray icon. This demo is platform specific (win32).


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