Fl_Scope V0.1.0

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Author:Michael PearceEMail:mike
Home Page:http://www.kiwacan.co.nz/fltk/index.html (2803 visits)
Download:http://www.kiwacan.co.nz/fltk/index.html (1343 visits)

Fl_Scope is a simple scope type widget used to display a single trace. Several display modes are avaliable. Have used for displaying real time data from ADC. It is really basic and may grow into a full oscilloscope widget in the future.


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  390Fl_Scope V0.1.0Feb 14, 20050  

Fl_Scope Updated

  195Fl_Scope V0.0.2Aug 06, 20031  

Fl_Scope V0.0.2 Released This  is a simple oscilloscope type widget used to display a single rolling trace.

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From greg.ercolano, 19:12 Oct 20, 2020 (score=3)

If you're looking for the source code, check archive.org.
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From Lazy_Fox, 19:53 Jan 10, 2008 (score=3)

This widget is exactly what I want!
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From Anonymous, 06:33 May 08, 2004 (score=2)

Web site link is redirected and there is no software to download.
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