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Author:Roman KantorEMail:rkantor at tcd dot ie
Updated:Feb 16, 2004
Home Page:http://phy19.phy.tcd.ie/fltk/ (3878 visits)
Download:http://phy19.phy.tcd.ie/fltk/Fl_Device/ (2487 visits)

Printing support for ftlk 1.1.x:
The dispatching classes allow redirection of all fltk drawings to a user defined device.
PostScript and GDI (Windows) printing implemented. The library allows also convenient scalling/placement of printed widgets, multi-page printing etc...


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  262Fl_DeviceFeb 11, 20040  

Update of printing patch for FLTK 1.1.4

  211Fltk 1.1.XX utf-8 patch 1.1.4-1Sep 11, 20030  

fltk-utf8 1.1.4-1 is a UTF-8 enabled patched version of fltk 1.1.4.

Support for Unicode is available for both WIN32 and X11. MACOS X and MACOS 9 (CodeWarrior) support is very alpha.

Printing support is also included under Unix using Postscript ...

  143Fltk 1.1.XX utf-8 patchFeb 18, 20032  

Syncronized with main FTLK release. Improved drag'n'drop.

  136Fltk 1.1.XX utf-8 patchFeb 02, 20030  

XIM support has been improved. Status area is now supported.

  131Fl_DeviceJan 22, 20030  

Fl_Device (v. 20030122) for PostScript and GDI(Windows) printing

bottom left image   bottom right image


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From fkollmann, 12:34 Feb 16, 2004 (score=4)

The best innovation on FLTK ever-since.
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From greg.ercolano, 14:01 Apr 27, 2018 (score=3)

FLTK 1.4.x has built in printer support now. For docs see http://www.fltk.org/doc-1.4/classFl__Printer.html
..and for some example code, see fltk's test/pixmap_browser.cxx

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