Widget Set 1.3 fltk-19990113 -- old [Stale links 2015-04-09]

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Name:Widget Set 1.3Popularity:14%
Version:fltk-19990113 -- old [Stale links 2015-04-09]License:LGPL
Author:Curtis EdwardsEMail:fltk
Home Page:http://www.trilec.com/fltk/WidgetSet_1_3/ (3496 visits)
Download:http://www.trilec.com/fltk/WidgetSet_1_3/widgets.tar.gz (3704 visits)

An early collection of widgets for fltk-19990113:

  • Containes:
  • Fl_File_Dialog (early attempt, I still like the tab complete)
  • Fl_File_Input (line version of a filedialog)
  • Fl_Dir (good base class for directory management)
  • Fl_Pack (now in V2)
  • Fl_Pix_Box (was to get around lack of image suport)
  • Fl_Pix_Button (as above)
  • Fl_Frametab (now in V2)
  • Fl_NSlider (now in V2...well sort of)


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  506Widget Set 1.3 fltk-19990113 -- oldSep 22, 20050  

New Home

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From engelsman, 15:06 Apr 09, 2015 (score=3)

The links are dead. Maybe the author can post new links if the project is still alive
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From Dooglio, 02:09 Oct 14, 2004 (score=2)

The links are stale for this entry. If you can put the updated links, it would be greatly appreciated because this sounds cool!
Reply ]

From trilec, 22:13 Sep 17, 2005 (score=2)

Long time since I looked at this: updated the text and links, hope you find it helpfull.

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