Interactive Visualisation Framework - Ivf++ 0.9.2 [Stale home link 2023-11-11]

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Name:Interactive Visualisation Framework - Ivf++Popularity:15%
Version:0.9.2 [Stale home link 2023-11-11]License:LGPL
Author:Jonas Lindemann, Carl Johan LejdEMail:ivf
Updated:Nov 11, 2023
Home Page: (3888 visits)
Download: (3782 visits)

Interactive Visualisation Framework is a C++ class library encapsulating OpenGL. It also has a special widget integrating it with the FLTK library.


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  197Interactive Visualisation Framework - Ivf++ 0.9.2Aug 07, 20030  

Ivf++ 0.9.2 released. This release updates some minor issues and fixes missing .opt files in the WIN32 example projects.

  55Interactive Visualisation Framework - Ivf++Mar 13, 20020  

Ivf++ 0.8.0 released

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