Fl_ToggleTree Version 0.2.4

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Name:Fl_ToggleTree Version 0.2.4Popularity:14%
Author:Maarten de Boer, James Dean PalmerEMail:mdeboer
Home Page:http://www.things.nl/~maarten/ (3332 visits)
Download:ftp://ftp.tiger-marmalade.com/pub/code/toggletree/ (3940 visits)

A Tree Browser Widget, with (multiple) selection and icons, inspired by the MacOS finder and other collapsible widgets.

Minor changes since 0.2.2

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Should compile with SGI's CC
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From Dejan Lekic, 14:45 Jan 10, 2003 (score=4)

It seems the links are broken for a long time now... Would be interesting to have them work again.
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From lm, 09:43 Apr 01, 2014 (score=4)

Looks like source code for Fl_ToggleTree is still available at http://code.ohloh.net/project?pid=aUno852oQRc&did=cinepaint-project%2Fewave%2FFl_ToggleTree&cid=VdpkoYyFU6A&fp=285076&mp=&projSelected=true and in the tarball for postoffice.
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