[Stale links 2023-11-11] fltkl (layout for fltk2) 20110313

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Name:[Stale links 2023-11-11] fltkl (layout for fltk2)Popularity:4%
Author:Brian OlsenEMail:brian
Created:Mar 13, 2011
Updated:Nov 12, 2023
Home Page:http://pushbroom.org/fltk/ (1301 visits)
Download:http://pushbroom.org/fltk/fltkl_20110313.tar.gz (1021 visits)

This is a preview release of some basic automatic layout tools for fltk2.

Features include:

fltkl::GroupLayout (derives from fltk::Group). fltkl::LayoutHorz/LayoutVert fltkl::LayoutAdder helper for code compaction

fltkl::presize (required overload for multi widgets). fltkl::presizeToMaxWide to presize a bunch of "column label widgets".

extra: fltkl::GroupStack


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  1052fltkl (layout for fltk2) 20110313Mar 13, 20112  

fltkl fltk2 automatic layout preview

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