FL Wave 1.0

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Name:FL WavePopularity:8%
Home Page:http://sparked.zadzmo.org/software/fltk/ (2400 visits)
Download:https://syn.zadzmo.org/projects/Fl_Wave.tar.gz (1483 visits)

A simple waveform viewer applet intended for use in a multitrack audio editor. Uses a simple callback to request data to display making it flexible without causing a headache.


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From lm, 11:31 Feb 28, 2013 (score=3)

Has anyone been able to find a current link to the source?  Thanks.
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From sparked, 12:07 Feb 28, 2013 (score=3)

Wow, it's been a such a long time since I touched this. I had completely forgotten about not only this widget, but the project I built it for. I guess it's shear luck that my email address for this was valid.

The source control repo I was working from is long gone but I managed to find a copy of the source. I have no idea if it can even compile anymore. Anyway, the link to the source should work now...
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