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Author:Sean McInerneyEMail:anvil
Created:Sep 03, 2003
Updated:Jul 26, 2004
Home Page:http://vtkfltk.sourceforge.net/ (6794 visits)
Download:http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=79308 (3922 visits)

vtkFLTK is a small C++ class library easing development of FLTK event-driven interfaces for use with VTK. vtkFLTK  allows composition of complex graphical interfaces to complex visualization facilities by bridging disparities between FLTK and VTK event and windowing system handling.


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  305vtkFLTK 0.6.1Jul 26, 20040  

vtkFLTK 0.6.1 fixes incompatibilities with VTK 4.2.

  293vtkFLTK 0.6.0Jun 21, 20040  

The 0.6.0 release of vtkFLTK features some minor API changes enabling some major magic. The Interactor Start() method is now fully implemented and will, in fact, start the FLTK event loop as well as adding an ExitEvent Observer which may be used to o...

  288vtkFLTK 0.5.0Jun 16, 20040  

The 0.5.0 release of vtkFLTK features some minor API changes as well as simplification of the implementation. vtkFLTK now depends on FLTK version >= 1.1.0 and VTK version >= 4.1.0. The elimination of backwards compatibility code for FLTK 1.0.x and VT...

  282vtkFLTK 0.4.5May 06, 20040  

The 0.4.5 release of vtkFLTK eliminates annoying improper redrawing of sibling widgets upon parent resize. This was the last of the known runtime bugs experienced with vtkFLTK and represents a major milestone for the quality of the library. Additiona...

  268vtkFLTK 0.4.4Mar 03, 20040  

The 0.4.4 release addresses problems experienced in building the vtkFLTK library and running vtkFLTK demos on Win32 and Mac OSX platforms. The many demo programs have also benefitted from this additional attention and should provide some insight into...

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From Sean McInerney, 11:59 May 06, 2004 (score=1)

vtkFLTK has been downloaded by a fair number of people at this point, but outside of a few specific instances, I have had little feedback on how or if the library is being used. I would like to put a shout out for suggestions and criticisms (praise also acceptable). In particular, I invite comments from the Windows users out there. Those more MS-savvy than I could be a real help here.
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