A dockable toolbar demo 1.0

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Name:A dockable toolbar demoPopularity:9%
Created:Mar 02, 2007
Updated:Jun 23, 2009
Home Page:http://www.9edgedown.talktalk.net/dock_grp.html (3096 visits)
Download:http://www.9edgedown.talktalk.net/dock_grp.html (1404 visits)

Yet another demonstration of a technique that you could use to produce dockable/undockable toolbars using FLTK. Tested on OSX, linux and WinXP. Should work anywhere that FLTK works!


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From dejan, 08:48 Mar 03, 2007 (score=3)

There is already an attempt to do dockable components for FLTK2. And the author has done amazing job. Check http://fltkdock.sourceforge.net/news.html .
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From ianmacarthur, 09:13 Mar 03, 2007 (score=3)

Yes - I saw that, and it is very neat indeed. There were a couple of issues for me though:

  • I wanted it to work with fltk-1.1

  • (IIRC - I'm not sure about this bit, it was ages ago I did this...) His toolbars are derived from Group, and are constrained to the parent window. I wanted mine to float fully, free of the parent window, so I needed an alternate method deriving from Window (and Group!) instead.

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