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Name:FLEK (Fast Light Environment Kit)Popularity:21%
Author:James Dean Palmer and OthersEMail:james
Updated:Nov 12, 2023
Home Page:http://flek.sourceforge.net/ (5811 visits)
Download:. (5045 visits)

Flek intends to provide high level cross platform "environment" libraries.  Flek intends to provide a layer of functionality similar to the KDE or Gnome libraries except based on Fltk.  Flek includes widgets like: Fl_Dockable_Group, Fl_App_Window, Fl_Calendar, Fl_Toggle_Tree, and more.


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From engelsman, 00:47 Feb 07, 2009 (score=3)

The flek-0.3 source can be found under http://www.tiger-marmalade.com/james/flek/

but the link to www.carambadesigns.com/flek appears dead.
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From greg.ercolano, 10:41 Jul 17, 2013 (score=4)

The tiger-marmalade link is 404.

However, it seems the flek page can still be reached on sourceforge via this link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/flek/
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