Cartesian 1.1

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Author:Roman KantorEMail:rkantor AT tcd DOT ie
Home Page: (6865 visits)
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A 2D graphics library for visualisation of objects (especially scientific data) relative to various coordination systems.
Features: non-limited number of logarithmic and linear axes with many modes of tick and grid generation and rescalling Various objects (points, lines, bars) can be plotted. User can also define objects with custom drawing.


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  881Cartesian 1.1Feb 05, 20090  

Cartesian 1.1 Bugfix update.

  471Cartesian 1.0Jul 05, 20050  

Cartesian library v.1.0

  130CartesianJan 22, 20030  

Cartesian, version 0.9.2

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