Fl_Rotated_Text 0.1

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Author:Roman KantorEMail:rkantor AT tcd DOT ie
Created:Feb 04, 2009
Updated:Feb 04, 2009
Home Page:http://rfltk.svn.sourceforge.net/ (1181 visits)
Download:http://rfltk.svn.sourceforge.net/ (1056 visits)

Fl_Rotated_Text draws - ehm - rotated text. It is a subclass of Fl_Bitmap class where you can set and change displayed text string (including rotation, colour, font, size and alignment) so the easiest (but not only) way to use it is within Fl_Widget::image() method instead of standard Fl_Widget::label() function. The text can be aligned in a similar way as other labels. Only multiplications of 90 degrees are recently implemented. The implementation should be portable across all major platforms (Windows, *nix, Mac).


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  882Fl_Rotated_Text 0.1Feb 05, 20090  

Fl_Rotated_Text - cross-platform drawing of text rotated by 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

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