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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s)  
  962SPTK 4.00Dec 29, 20090  

SPTK 4.00 release

  937SPTK 4.00Sep 20, 20095  

SPTK starts version 4.

  734SPTK 3.5.1Jun 28, 20070  

SPTK building system is updated

  727SPTK 3.5.1May 27, 20070  

SPTK 3.5.0/1 is out

  661SPTK 3.3.0Oct 15, 20064  

SPTK version 3.3.3 is out

  563SPTK 3.0.12Jan 16, 20060  

SPTK 3.0.12 is out

  526SPTK 3.09Nov 18, 20050  

SPTK 3.0.9

  509SPTK 3.0Sep 25, 20050  

SPTK 3.0 building system and code are updated

  501SPTK 3.0Sep 13, 20051  

Next milestone of SPTK based on STL.

  413SPTK 2.3Mar 27, 20050  

SPTK 2.3 r2 is released

  344SPTK 2.3)Dec 09, 20040  

This version is much better adapted for Gentoo distribution system (Portage). It also fixes several bugs and brings couple of new features. Here is the list of everything:

  323SPTK 2.3 (beta 1)Oct 06, 20040  

SPTK 2.3 (beta 1) is available for download. You may get it from http://sptk.tts-sf.com .

  310SPTK 2.2 (release)Aug 04, 20041  

I've modified the SPTK License agreement to meet requirements of more people, and match FLTK License Agreement.

  290SPTK 2.2 beta 2Jun 18, 20041  

I'm starting to use the Excel file generator in my company's main system. It may take couple of weeks before it would be really stable and interface would be frozen, but I was able to generate pretty complicated reports already.

  284SPTK 2.2 beta 1Jun 01, 20040  

It is currently in the testing stage. The writing of Excel spreadsheets is generally implemented. The implementation is still simplified, yet should be enough for the most practical purposes.

  279SPTK 2.2 alphaApr 29, 20040  

This version's goal is to provide the reading (partially implemented befor) and writing of Excel spreadsheets. For the Excel files created with Excel 5 (BIFF5) the reading and writing is trivial. Unfortunately, the limitations of this format - max...

  269SPTK 2.1 (release)Mar 09, 20040  

This is a release version. Of course, I'm still expecting the more or less significant updates, but all I wanted to put in that version is already here :)

  257SPTK 2.1 rc 1Feb 09, 20040  

You may get it from sptk.tts-sf.com. It is finally working in the production application on more than 70 workstations in my company. The bugs fixed this time are mostly related to the interface components.

  243SPTK 2.1 beta 1Dec 24, 20030  

SPTK 2.1.b2 is out. You may get it from http://sptk.tts-sf.com . This is the second beta. I continue to collect the error reports from different people. The changes are:

  229SPTK 2.1 beta 1Dec 01, 20030  

SPTK 2.1.b1 is out. You may get it in sptk.tts-sf.com.

This is the first beta. It means, that it is successfully used in at least three of my production projects, and it generally works. However, I expect to have fixes and feature additions.


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