Article #501: SPTK 3.0

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Article #501: SPTK 3.0

Created at 00:48 Sep 13, 2005 by alexey.parshin

SPTK is switching from using it's own collection of string, list, etc.. classes to using STL classes. The new version would have 3.0 as version number. You can download it from

The SPTK version using STL is available from CVS for about 2 months already. We are conducting an extensive testing for last several weeks. The first stage of testing using test cases is completed now, switching into the phase of testing SPTK in real programs.

The new version, SPTK 3.0, is quite different from SPTK before 2.4. All the favorite classes CString, CStringList, CStringMap, etc.. are replaced with std::string, std::vector, std::map and relatives. So, if you are going to migrate your old SPTK applications to the new one, it's going to take you a while. If you have difficulties, feel free to drop me a line, and don't forget to mention SPTK in the subject.

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From dejan, 05:09 Sep 13, 2005 (score=3)

Good work Alexey! - As allways... :)
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