Article #243: SPTK 2.1 beta 1

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Article #243: SPTK 2.1 beta 1

Created at 16:07 Dec 23, 2003 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.1.b2 is out. You may get it from . This is the second beta. I continue to collect the error reports from different people. The changes are:

  • Fixed bug in CListView::sort() that didn't use a sorted column type correctly

  • CListView is much beter handling the font type and size changes. After such change, the first redraw() call would recompute sizes of the existing items in the list

  • Fixed the GP Fault in CTreeView on click in the widget after clear(). Thanks to Ryan Greene who found and reported the bug.

  • CThemes now support a FLAT BUTTON mode. Added couple of themes to demonstrate it.

  • Added a new theme 'Opera'

  • Added a new class CEditorSpellChecker that uses Aspell to implement the spell checking for CEditor. Also added the examples/spell_checker to illustrate how it works. This a very first draft of the spell checker in SPTK and it will be extended in the future.

  • Added a configure script. It tries to detect if FLTK is installed, and only then compile SPTK. It also tries to detect if ODBC support is installed, and only then compile ODBC-related classes. And, finally, it checks if Aspell is available, and only if both, FLTK and Aspell, are available, compiles CEditorSpellChecker.

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