Article #269: SPTK 2.1 (release)

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Article #269: SPTK 2.1 (release)

Created at 08:23 Mar 09, 2004 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.1 (release) is finally completed. You may get it  here. It is working in the production application on more than 70 workstations in my company for about a month. Here is the list of bugs and changes since the last release candidate.


  • Minor update of visible row positioning in CListView.
  • Fixed an error decoding RK-numbers in Excel Reader for Little Endian machines
  • Added preliminary support for --enable-debug configure flag.
  • Fixed excessive item height computations that gives significant performance gain on large lists.
  • Minor compatibility corrections in CParams cpp/h.
  • Added surrounding frames (outer and inner) support for CGroup.
  • Fixed high CPU usage in CDialog::showModal().

This is a release version. Of course, I'm still expecting the more or less significant updates, but all I wanted to put in that version is already here :)

As usually, I'm expecting anyone who uses (or wants to use) SPTK to tell me what is wrong or what is missing in the toolkit.

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