Article #284: SPTK 2.2 beta 1

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Article #284: SPTK 2.2 beta 1

Created at 15:43 Jun 01, 2004 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.2 beta 1 is availabe for download.

It is currently in the testing stage. The writing of Excel spreadsheets is generally implemented. The implementation is still simplified, yet should be enough for the most practical purposes.

The writing of Excel is tested with OpenOffice Calc and M$ Excel. The main limitations of the alpha version for maximum file size and maximum string (in the cell) length are gone. Added simple support for cell formatting that allows to define font, color, and frame of any cell.

The list of the changes in this version:

  • CVariant lost some weight - its size decreased from 32 to 24 bytes. This makes CExcelBook, CMemoryDS and some other classes that use CVariant to use 25% less memory
  • Excel reader/writer (CExcelBook) supports the Shared String Table (SST)
  • Excel reader/writer (CExcelBook) supports the long strings (> 255 chars) and very long strings (> 8120 chars), and a CONTINUE record
  • Excel reader/writer (CExcelBook) supports the very big files (XBAT records)
  • Fixed bugs in CObjectList top() and pop() methods. Thanks Treeve for finding it!

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