Article #229: SPTK 2.1 beta 1

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Article #229: SPTK 2.1 beta 1

Created at 16:55 Dec 01, 2003 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.1.b1 is out. You may get it in

This is the first beta. It means, that it is successfully used in at least three of my production projects, and it generally works. However, I expect to have fixes and feature additions.

The changes in this version are:

  • Fixed bug in CListView::addRow() that didn't pass a row ID to the list view

  • Fixed bug in CComboBox that caused drawing the whole combo box outside of the window, on the parent window, on closing the drop-down list.

  • Added the collapse functionality to CToolBar. If the parent() widget of it uses layouts properly, all the resizing is done automatically.

  • Fixed some layout problems in CThemes. Added a new Flat theme, still thinking what to make of it.

  • Fixed a minor bug that prevented the correct work of CQuery on Gentoo Linux.

Alexey Parshin

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