Article #323: SPTK 2.3 (beta 1)

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Article #323: SPTK 2.3 (beta 1)

Created at 16:34 Oct 06, 2004 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.3 (beta 1) is available for download. You may get it from .

  • Fixed the reading of Excel file structure for Excel files version 5.0/95

  • Added theming for CProgressBar. The class is completely re-written and doesn't use Fl_Progress as a base class anymore. Added the theming images for OSX, Keramic, and Blue themes.

  • The example program examples/cgroup_test.cpp is added CProgressBar to show the look of it in the different themes.

  • The installation directory for SPTK themes has changed. It is now {WINDIR}.themes.sptk on Windows and /usr/share/themes/sptk on *nix.

  • Fixed a memory leak in CStringMap. This also made this class faster 5%..10%

  • Modified CTreeControl to better conformation with the theme.

  • Fixed several small bugs in documentation.

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