Article #290: SPTK 2.2 beta 2

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Article #290: SPTK 2.2 beta 2

Created at 10:37 Jun 18, 2004 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.2 beta 2 is availabe for download. You may get it here:

  • Fixed the problem downloading DevC++ pack from the documentation page
  • Fixed the bugs in examples/tree_view.cpp

  • Fixed the incorrect Excel file structure for the very small files created with CExcelBook

  • Added support for column attributes in CExcelSheet

  • Fixed the ODBC handling for LONG VAR BINARY parameters

I'm starting to use the Excel file generator in my company's main system. It may take couple of weeks before it would be really stable and interface would be frozen, but I was able to generate pretty complicated reports already.

Alexey Parshin, SPTK project

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From Anonymous, 09:08 Aug 03, 2004 (score=1)

SPTK looks exciting and I want to use it but I'm not allowed by my company.

Is it possible to make the SPTK license use the same one as FLTK (modified LGPL instead of plain LGPL)?

Specifically, FLTK makes changes to LGPL to allow for static linking.   So if I make changes to FLTK, I have to submit those, but I don't have to submit my application which links statically to the modified FLTK.

As of now, if I link to a modified copy of SPTK, I have to give those changes (which I don't mind) but I also have to give source code to all applications that link to the modified SPTK (which is disaster).
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