Article #344: SPTK 2.3)

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Article #344: SPTK 2.3)

Created at 21:21 Dec 08, 2004 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.3 (release) is available for download. You may get it from

This version is much better adapted for Gentoo distribution system (Portage). It also fixes several bugs and brings couple of new features. Here is the list of everything:

CTreeControl is reworked completely. It uses different ideas even if the class interface is the same. The main idea was to make the tree items better adapt to the different items.

Found and fixed memory leak in CStringMap. Somewhere in the modifications of this class, the speed advantage against the STL. After an extra optimization, CStringMap is again 5% to 15% faster than STL's map class.

Added a new module, CMessageDialog. This is a replacement for standard FLTK dialogs fl_ask and friends. The classes in the module use SPTK themes, and support simple HTML for the message text.

CTabs is rewritten. The new code is cleaner, shorter. Finally, CTabs within CTabs are supported.

Added support for background in CScroll. Unfortunately, doesn't FLTK support theming for Fl_Scroll background, so CScroll now provides the complete implementation not using Fl_Scroll.

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