Article #279: SPTK 2.2 alpha

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Article #279: SPTK 2.2 alpha

Created at 08:39 Apr 29, 2004 by alexey.parshin

SPTK 2.2 has started. You may get it  here.

This version's goal is to provide the reading (partially implemented befor) and writing of Excel spreadsheets. For the Excel files created with Excel 5 (BIFF5) the reading and writing is trivial. Unfortunately, the limitations of this format - max length of the string in the cell is 255 chars, maximum 16384 rows per file, not possible to create multiple spreadsheets in one file, etc - are just too much.

Version 2.2 introduces the writing of Excel files version 97 (BIFF8). It is a format I have the most information about. The introductory implementation is capable of creating a very simple an small files now. It doesn't have good formating methods, it can't create files bigger than about 7Mb, etc.

In the nearest future I'm planning to implement the following features:

  • Support for the cell formating
  • Support for a big strings (String length is almost unlimited - CONTINUE record)
  • Support for the very big files (XBAT records)
  • Support for the HTML import/export (currently, only CSV and XLS are supported)

Thank you, Alexey Parshin

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