Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCFlThe Fl is the FLTK global (static) class containing state information and global methods for the current application
oCFl_Cairo_StateContains all the necessary info on the current cairo context
oCFL_CHART_ENTRYFor internal use only
oCFl_DeviceAll graphical output devices and all graphics systems
|oCFl_Graphics_DriverA virtual class subclassed for each graphics driver FLTK uses
|\CFl_Surface_DeviceA drawing surface that's susceptible to receive graphical output
oCFl_EndThis is a dummy class that allows you to end a Fl_Group in a constructor list of a class:
oCFl_File_ChooserDisplays a standard file selection dialog that supports various selection modes
oCFl_File_IconManages icon images that can be used as labels in other widgets and as icons in the FileBrowser widget
oCFl_Font_DescriptorThis a structure for an actual system font, with junk to help choose it and info on character sizes
oCFl_Glut_Bitmap_FontFltk glut font/size attributes used in the glutXXX functions
oCFl_Help_DialogDisplays a standard help dialog window using the Fl_Help_View widget
oCFl_Help_Font_StyleFl_Help_View font stack element definition
oCFl_Help_LinkDefinition of a link for the html viewer
oCFl_Help_TargetFl_Help_Target structure
oCFl_ImageBase class for image caching and drawing
|oCFl_BitmapSupports caching and drawing of mono-color (bitmap) images
|oCFl_PixmapSupports caching and drawing of colormap (pixmap) images, including transparency
|oCFl_RGB_ImageSupports caching and drawing of full-color images with 1 to 4 channels of color information
|oCFl_Shared_ImageThis class supports caching, loading, scaling, and drawing of image files
|\CFl_Tiled_ImageThis class supports tiling of images over a specified area
oCFl_LabelThis struct stores all information for a text or mixed graphics label
oCFl_Mac_App_MenuMac OS-specific class allowing to customize and localize the application menu
oCFl_Menu_ItemThe Fl_Menu_Item structure defines a single menu item that is used by the Fl_Menu_ class
oCFl_Multi_LabelThis struct allows multiple labels to be added to objects that might normally have only one label
oCFl_Native_File_ChooserThis class lets an FLTK application easily and consistently access the operating system's native file chooser
oCFl_PluginFl_Plugin allows link-time and run-time integration of binary modules
|\CFl_Device_PluginThis plugin socket allows the integration of new device drivers for special window or screen types
oCFl_PreferencesFl_Preferences provides methods to store user settings between application starts
|\CFl_Plugin_ManagerFl_Plugin_Manager manages link-time and run-time plugin binaries
oCFl_Scroll::ScrollInfo::Fl_Region_LRTBA local struct to manage a region defined by left/right/top/bottom
oCFl_Scroll::ScrollInfo::Fl_Region_XYWHA local struct to manage a region defined by xywh
oCFl_Scroll::ScrollInfo::Fl_Scrollbar_DataA local struct to manage a scrollbar's xywh region and tab values
oCFl_Text_BufferThis class manages Unicode text displayed in one or more Fl_Text_Display widgets
oCFl_Text_SelectionThis is an internal class for Fl_Text_Buffer to manage text selections
oCFl_TooltipTooltip support for all FLTK widgets
oCFl_Tree_ItemTree widget item
oCFl_Tree_Item_ArrayManages an array of Fl_Tree_Item pointers
oCFl_Tree_PrefsTree widget's preferences
oCFl_WidgetFl_Widget is the base class for all widgets in FLTK
|oCFl_BoxThis widget simply draws its box, and possibly its label
|oCFl_ButtonButtons generate callbacks when they are clicked by the user
|oCFl_ChartFl_Chart displays simple charts
|oCFl_Clock_OutputThis widget can be used to display a program-supplied time
|oCFl_FormsBitmapForms compatibility Bitmap Image Widget
|oCFl_FormsPixmapForms pixmap drawing routines
|oCFl_FreeEmulation of the Forms "free" widget
|oCFl_GroupFLTK container widget
|oCFl_Input_This class provides a low-overhead text input field
|oCFl_Menu_Base class of all widgets that have a menu in FLTK
|oCFl_PositionerThis class is provided for Forms compatibility
|oCFl_ProgressDisplays a progress bar for the user
|oCFl_TimerThis is provided only to emulate the Forms Timer widget
|\CFl_ValuatorControls a single floating-point value and provides a consistent interface to set the value, range, and step, and insures that callbacks are done the same for every object
oCFl_Widget_TrackerThis class should be used to control safe widget deletion
oCFl_Text_Editor::Key_BindingSimple linked list item associating a key/state to a function
oCFl_Graphics_Driver::matrixA 2D coordinate transformation matrix
oCFl_Preferences::Name'Name' provides a simple method to create numerical or more complex procedural names for entries and groups on the fly
oCFl_Paged_Device::page_formatWidth, height and name of a page format
oCFl_Window::shape_data_typeData supporting a non-rectangular window shape
\CFl_Text_Display::Style_Table_EntryThis structure associates the color, font, and font size of a string to draw with an attribute mask matching attr