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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s) top right image
  334FLU 2.14Nov 05, 20040  

Feature enhancements in:

  300FLU 2.12Jul 11, 20040  

  • fixed Flu_*_Group widgets to account for damaged children during draw()
  • changed the callback() for Flu_Tree_Browser to be compatable with fl_connect
  • updated Flu_Spinner for proper "Tab" and activate/deactivate behavior
  • added ...
  287FLU 2.11Jun 09, 20044  

FLU 2.11

  272FLU 2.10Mar 30, 20042  

2.10 Release Hilights:

  270FLU 2.9.2Mar 18, 20040  

2.9.2 Maintainence Release:

  264FLU 2.9.1Feb 13, 200410  

This patch version fixes an important invalid memory access bug (introduced in version 2.9) in Flu_Tree_Browser that can crash anything that uses Flu_File_Chooser or Flu_Tree_Browser. Please upgrade if you have already downloaded 2.9

  261FLU 2.9Feb 10, 20040  

Flu_Wrap_Group updated to accomodate keyboard navigation in Flu_File_Chooser

  247FLU 2.8.1Jan 07, 20045  

FLU 2.8.1 contains the following changes:

  242FLU 2.8Dec 21, 20030  


  240FLU 2.7Dec 15, 20030  

FLU 2.7 includes the following changes:

  201FLU 2.6.1Aug 20, 20031  

2.6.1 fixes:

  199FLU 2.6Aug 18, 20030  

FLU - FLTK Utility Widgets

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