Article #261: FLU 2.9

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Article #261: FLU 2.9

Created at 14:00 Feb 10, 2004 by jason.bryan

Flu_File_Chooser updated with better keyboard navigation, better resize behavior, improved file name-changing, a couple bug fixes, and the value(int) method was switched to base 1 instead of base 0 to match Fl_File_Chooser behavior

Flu_Wrap_Group updated to accomodate keyboard navigation in Flu_File_Chooser

Flu_Progress_Meter now derived from Fl_Double_Window, making the class a bit cleaner and more flexible

removed bogus #include from Flu_Collapsable_Group

Flu_Tree_Browser updated with new add_branch() and add_leaf() convenience methods, branches can now have no icons, new auto_branches() feature that makes the tree work better with scene-graph-like hierarchies, and a couple event-handling bug fixes

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