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  1656mrViewerJul 11, 20190  

mrViewer is an HDRI image viewer, flipbook and audio-video player for professional 3D, VFX and animation.

  1361Fl_MIDIKeyboardApr 20, 20140  

A MIDI Keyboard widget using FLTK

  1293Basic bindings for FLTK to SquiLu scripting language.Feb 20, 20130  

SquiLu ( is a fork of Squirrel scripting language with a C like syntax there is a basic binding of FLTK 1.3.x and an application server with a GUI interface made with the FLTK binding.

  1147Torapp Guilloche DesignerDec 14, 20125  

Torapp Guilloche Designer is a vector editor for security printing, designed with fltk2 and runs inside Chrome 16 and above.

  449FLTK-UTF8 1.1.6-1 releasedOct 22, 20102  

The UTF-8 patch has been updated.

  898Using the Anti-Grain Light 2D rendering engine with FLTKApr 06, 20090  

Describes simple use of the AGG light engine from FLTK

  896Gled-1.3.0 releasedApr 01, 20090  

After almost two years of neglect and two years of new development, Gled is swinging back to life - trying to go ballistic this time.

  550FLTK "Cheat Page"Dec 31, 20053  

A collection of small FLTK example programs showing how to use various base FLTK widgets in interesting ways. In most cases, emphasis is on short, concise examples (usually a page or less of code) that are

  446FLTK Callbacks RecastMay 17, 20052  

Objects should have a clean, simple interface with the rest of the program. It's easy to make a mess of this when hooking into a GUI, so this article explores some ways to avoid that.

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