Article #264: FLU 2.9.1

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Article #264: FLU 2.9.1

Created at 10:24 Feb 13, 2004 by jason.bryan

This patch version fixes an important invalid memory access bug (introduced in version 2.9) in Flu_Tree_Browser that can crash anything that uses Flu_File_Chooser or Flu_Tree_Browser. Please upgrade if you have already downloaded 2.9

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From Shane.Hill, 15:30 Feb 15, 2004 (score=2)

G'day Again,

Added comment: the case sensitivity is with respect to file filters, like *.pdf will not pick up *.PDF.

Have Fun !!

Shane Hill
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From jbryan, 13:16 Feb 16, 2004 (score=1)

thanks for picking up on this!

i will correct this bug (windows side only) and post an update soon!
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From Shane.Hill, 17:37 Feb 16, 2004 (score=3)

Thanks for that. However, you may want to also apply this to the Unix side as well. The fltk fl_file_chooser seems to display the same property under Linux as well as Windows. For *.pdf it will display both *.pdf and *.PDF and I would imagine also any possible combinations.
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From jbryan, 18:41 Feb 17, 2004 (score=3)

i'll probably make it a programmer option then. even though most users might expect *.pdf to match *.PDF, the behavior in linux/unix *should*  match that of all other filesystem related commands, such as ls, which is case-sensitive to all parts of a filename. in windows of course, all filesystem commands are case-insensitive by default.
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From Anonymous, 05:30 Feb 24, 2004 (score=2)

I recommend that you keep the linux version case sensitive only. Everything in linux is case sensitive and standards are important.
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From Shane.Hill, 15:27 Feb 15, 2004 (score=2)


I just tried out you Flu_File_Chooser. Very nice! However, I just noticed that the flu_file_chooser seems to be case sensitive when it comes to file extensions. Was this intentional as fl_file_chooser is not.

Have Fun !!

Shane Hill
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From Csaba Biegl, 07:52 Mar 08, 2004 (score=1)

I noticed a couple of issues with the Flu_File_Chooser widget. All of these were observed under Linux (Slackware 9.1) and Fltk 1.1.4.

(1) When the file chooser is switched over to the "Detail" mode, scrolling up with the scrollbar produces garbage in the browser. The same behavior can be observed in the "Flu_Group_Try2" demo.

(2) When the file chooser is switched over to the "Detail" mode, in a directory that has "too many" files, the contents of the browser disappears. For example, listing the "/dev" directory will produce this. Once this happens, the "Detail" mode browser is blank even in directories with only a few entries.

(3) Pulling down the "File Types" combo box menu, and releasing the mouse over the empty area (i.e. below the "All Files (*)" entry) will result in the immediate crash of the application.

Other than these issues, this widget is a very nice looking file browser. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
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From jbryan, 09:08 Mar 09, 2004 (score=3)


1) i cannot replicate this. could you contact me directly so we can find the problem?

2) this is a fundamental (known) limitation in Fl_Scroll that is supposedly fixed in 1.2 and 2.0

3) fixed as of the next version
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From jbryan, 17:21 Mar 08, 2004 (score=1)

thanks for finding these bugs. i will correct them as soon as possible and include them with the next version.
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From Nudge, 02:58 Feb 17, 2004 (score=1)

I've just tried flu_tree_browser, and I've noticed that it flickers all the time even if the window has no focus...
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