Article #201: FLU 2.6.1

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Article #201: FLU 2.6.1

Created at 11:15 Aug 20, 2003 by jason.bryan

2.6.1 fixes:

  • box/scrollbar drawing for Flu_Wrap_Group and Flu_Tree_Browser looks nicer
  • Flu_Spinner no longer accepts various erroneous user input (thanks to John Whitley for pointing this out). The fix was very simple, and could be patched to other Fl_Input using combo widgets without breaking binary compatability.
  • the source code now has CVS file/version/user identifiers at the top (thanks to John Whitley for suggesting this)
  • a (correct!) copy of index.html is in the distribution as well (same as web site)

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From post at, 05:14 Sep 04, 2003 (score=3)

i really like the treebrowser - widget ! it works fantastic and you can embed all sorts of widgets into the tree. one could even implement an opengl-window into a foldable tree :-)

i wrote an extra widget called "RefWidget" - it binds to a variable and automatically updates the widget (for example fl_value_slider) if its redrawn.

code: template<class T, class TT> class Ref_Widget: public T {
                TT *ref;
                Ref_Widget (int x, int y, int w, int h, char*
label, TT *_ref): T(x,y,w,h,label)
                static void myinp_callback( Fl_Widget* w, void* ref)
                        *((TT*)ref) = ((T*)w)->value();
                virtual void draw()
                } };
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