Article #550: FLTK "Cheat Page"

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Article #550: FLTK "Cheat Page"

Created at 10:32 Dec 31, 2005 by greg.ercolano

The FLTK "Cheat Page" has been around for a while, and is something that has grown over the years. I've been referring people to it on the fltk.general newsgroup. A good place to get a large list of cut+pastable example programs showing how to make use of FLTK widgets in interesting ways.

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From MCO, 01:21 Jan 03, 2006 (score=4)

I have been learning some Fltk over the years and this has proven to an extremely helpful resource. Each sample is ready for compilation, and of small size so that the main idea can be easily studied.

Thank you for this repository Greg !
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From pixotec, 23:26 May 25, 2006 (score=3)


  • Missing include added:
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
  • "msg" was not defined, replaced with data:
    void HandleButton_CB(Fl_Widget*, void *data) {
        write(G_out, data, strlen((char*)data));
  • Button "q" missing for exiting, added:
    int main() {
        Fl_Button c(50, 10, 20, 20, "C"); c.callback(HandleButton_CB, (void*)"c\n");
        Fl_Button q(70, 10, 20, 20, "q"); q.callback(CleanExit_CB, (void*)"q\n");

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From greg.ercolano, 01:54 May 26, 2006 (score=3)

Thanks -- I applied all three changes to the fifo example just now.
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