Article #1147: Torapp Guilloche Designer

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Article #1147: Torapp Guilloche Designer

Created at 04:13 Dec 30, 2011 by spoony

Last modified at 23:58 Dec 14, 2012

Torapp Guilloche Designer is the most innovative and flexible tool available to design vector patterns (guilloche) against counterfeiting for banknotes, checks and personal documents.

  • One-key edit - up/down arrow key in numeric input box to modify/duplicate objects.
  • Chain modification with object dependency
  • Flexibility via unification - Fourier series, multi-variable function and bitmap are unified as general functions; any graphic item (including Bezier curve) or two general functions are treated as a general curve.
  • Orthogonal features and parameters - Different features can be applied to same element in different ways, resulting in almost infinite equivalent features in other softwares.
  • No installation, automatic upgrade & maintenance, no long term commitment required.
  • World's first full-featured web-based desktop application.
  • All user data files are stored locally.

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From engelsman, 10:51 Mar 18, 2012 (score=3)

Could you please edit the Links page or the Toorapp page to indicate whether this is a commercial application or open source?

I have the impression that it's a commercial applications, but I and others would rather not have to create an account and login in order to find out what the system requirements are, whether source code is available, etc.

Apologies if this comment appears twice.
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From yuri, 12:37 Mar 19, 2012 (score=3)

hm. it seams violate fltk license (LGPL) or it uses unmodified fltk2 code? 
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From spoony, 23:58 Mar 19, 2012 (score=3)

No need to modify fltk2 code, but the usage of fltk2 is unusual (do not use event loop stuff in fltk2)
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From dejan, 09:38 Feb 02, 2012 (score=3)

I must admit I was (pleasantly) surprised by what I saw on those videos. Amazing work, good luck with the project/product! It is good to see people who still believe FLTK2 was the way to go with the FLTK project.
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From bnolsen, 09:37 Jan 26, 2012 (score=3)

Looks like the site went down (01/26/2012) -- sorry, full url is required.
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