Article #449: FLTK-UTF8 1.1.6-1 released

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Article #449: FLTK-UTF8 1.1.6-1 released

Created at 02:34 May 25, 2005 by oksid

FLTK-UTF8 is a patched version of FLTK 1.1.X that is UTF-8 enabled.

Only Linux X11 et WIN32 Visual C++ 6.0 are actually supported.

New in this 1.1.6-1 release:

  • FLTK 1.1.6 syncho
  • Printing support has been removed

Report bugs to "oksid (at)"


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From heha, 23:26 Oct 12, 2006 (score=3)

Dear All, I would like to use fltk-utf8-1.1.6, but I cannot show chinese correctly. I don't know I am missing sometings? Could you please give me some ideas? Thanks! Following is my enveronment. [alex@fc5 xutf8]$ locale LANG=zh_CN.UTF8 LC_CTYPE="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_NUMERIC="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_TIME="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_COLLATE="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_MONETARY="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_MESSAGES="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_PAPER="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_NAME="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_ADDRESS="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_TELEPHONE="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_MEASUREMENT="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_IDENTIFICATION="zh_CN.UTF8" LC_ALL= then, type 'bin/utf8' to run the demo, chinese displayed correctly.

P.S. Can anybody tell me how to contact with the maintainer of fltk-utf8? Maybe I can get some feedback from him. Thanks!
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From matt, 11:54 Nov 16, 2010 (score=3)

You can contact Oksid via his website, I believe: .

Have you tried using FLTK 1.3? Will it show the character you are looking for?
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