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[Stale links 2023-11-11] FLU 2.14

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Name:[Stale links 2023-11-11] FLUPopularity:42%
Author:Jason BryanEMail:jbryan
Created:Aug 18, 2003
Updated:Nov 12, 2023
Home Page:http://www.osc.edu/~jbryan/FLU/ (15683 visits)
Download:http://www.osc.edu/~jbryan/FLU/ (5844 visits)

FLTK Utility Widgets. A small library of 1.x widgets including a file browser, tree browser, combo boxes, enhanced Fl_Group substitutes, spinner box, progress meter and more...


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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s)  
  334FLU 2.14Nov 05, 20040  

Feature enhancements in:

  300FLU 2.12Jul 11, 20040  

  • fixed Flu_*_Group widgets to account for damaged children during draw()
  • changed the callback() for Flu_Tree_Browser to be compatable with fl_connect
  • updated Flu_Spinner for proper "Tab" and activate/deactivate behavior
  • added ...
  287FLU 2.11Jun 09, 20044  

FLU 2.11

  272FLU 2.10Mar 30, 20042  

2.10 Release Hilights:

  270FLU 2.9.2Mar 18, 20040  

2.9.2 Maintainence Release:



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From engelsman, 14:11 Apr 09, 2015 (score=3)

The links are dead. Maybe the author can post new links if the project is still alive.

try https://code.google.com/p/squilu/source/browse/flu/
    or https://github.com/BlitzMaxModules/maxgui.mod/tree/master/fltkmaxgui.mod
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From Tremr, 03:21 Sep 21, 2004 (score=1)

Very good!!! But some little bugs in views. In Flu_Tree_Browser.
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From Guillermo, 14:04 Jan 26, 2004 (score=1)

when I run make from msys it starts top compile fine but breaks on compiling Flu_Collapsable_Group.o saying that in Flu_Collapsable_Group.cpp <typeinfo> is not a valid file or is not found. How do I get past this, I cant finish compiling FLU until this is done.
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From jbryan, 08:27 Jan 29, 2004 (score=1)

that is a bug. just remove the line #include <typeinfo> and try again.

that is a c++ RTTI file that is not used very often, left over from a *long* time ago, and i didn't realize it was still included!

i will remove it from the next version. thanks for catching it!
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From Flame, 01:58 Sep 24, 2003 (score=1)

Thanks,your widgets soluted my problem in my job,so thank you very much.I am from China.
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From jbryan, 07:47 Aug 31, 2003 (score=1)


thanks for the feedback! i am working on some fixes and minor improvements for version 2.7 and will see if i can work in your suggestions. i am curious to know more about your DND proposal. please write me so we can discuss. most notable in 2.7 will be a new file chooser that looks/acts more like the traditional windows 2000 file chooser.

thanks again!

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From Styx, 13:48 Aug 31, 2003 (score=1)

Well, my proposal is quite simple. It was just a test whether it could work to drop more than one file from the explorer in windows. and with the following code it does!

void on_dnd_drop( const Flu_DND_Event *e )
  { . . else
        { // the event is an FLTK text event. just add the text to the bottom of the browser
        std::string text = e->text();
        std::string line = "init";
        int pos = text.find('\n');
        while(pos < text.length())
          line = text.substr(0,pos); //seperate first file from selection
          text.erase(0,pos+1); //delete handled file from selection-list
          line = text; //for the last selected file
          pos = text.find('\n');
        if(line != "init") add(line.c_str()); //add the last file
        else add(e->text()); //only one file selected so add it!

thats all and it's working in windows! sorry, don't know about linux or something else but it should too!? another idea would be to parse directories if dropped into the browser!? I'll try it if there is a little bit of time. i hope my solution was explained well and i'm looking forward to flu 2.7! Regards, Thomas
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From Styx, 02:58 Aug 30, 2003 (score=1)

Hi Jason! Thanks for these Widgets. They are quite nice! But I have some proposals for you. May you can put into the next version the facility to catch more than one DND-item...you only have to search in the event-text for '\n'. It works quite well so if you want... The problem with the changing of the image of the trash-button is also quite easy to solve if you insert an Fl::check() after the redraw(). That's all for now...thank's again!

Regards, Thomas
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From Anonymous, 07:15 Aug 27, 2003 (score=1)

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