Article #272: FLU 2.10

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Article #272: FLU 2.10

Created at 10:09 Mar 30, 2004 by jason.bryan

2.10 Release Hilights:

  • added a format() method to Flu_Int_Input and Flu_Float_Input
  • Flu_Tree_Browser now supports FL_RADIO_BUTTONs natively
  • added "quick jump" buttons to the "location" path in Flu_File_Browser
  • added support for '~' in Flu_File_Browser to take you to your home area
  • in windows, Flu_File_Browser::value() returns lowercase drive names for compatability with fl_filename_relative()
  • Flu_Combo_Box and Flu_List_Box now hilight the item under the mouse even if the button is not held down, to make selection easier

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From herc, 08:21 Apr 08, 2004 (score=4)

everyone not tried jet the flu_treebrowser widget should so. a fantastic feature is that you can include every sort of widget into the tree. imagine an opengl-window (Fl_Gl_Window - its really possible!!) inside the tree displaying some interesting graph or a 3d-trackball...
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From rayam, 18:30 Jun 07, 2004 (score=1)

Hi! Jason Bryan:

First, thanks for your contributions.

I am looking for the a tree list widget recently and just try to build FLU 2.10. However, I encounter the followings problem. Would anyone give me some opinion on this issue? Compiler log:- ../src/Flu_File_Chooser.cpp:126: `SHGetSpecialFolderPath' undeclared (first use this function) Code: static FluSimpleString flu_get_special_folder( int csidl ) { ...
  if( SUCCEEDED( SHGetSpecialFolderPath( NULL, szPath, csidl, FALSE ) ) ) ... }

Thanks you!

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