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  • Embeding a dialog in other dialogs [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    A small example of embeding a dialog in another one with fluid, allowing one to modify position of widgets of the original dialog box in the parent one. Useful for example for a file chooser that one want to embed in another dialog box ... All is done using fluid.

  • FLTK && fluid In Motion 1.0

    A beginner tutorial using fluid to write all the FLTK source code.  No external editing required. :)

    Examples created using :
        FLTK1.1.5 - from sourceforge mirror
        fluid1.1.5 - compiled from above
        gcc 3.3.3 <cygwin special>
        bash 2.05b.0

  • FLTK 1.3.0 Tutorial for Beginners 1

    This tutorial can be used by absolute beginners with FLTK. Many examples will be interesting to read for programmers with some experience in FLTK too.

    The examples are kept very short and cover the most common widgets, windows, buttons, callbacks, input/output boxes, menubars, toolbars, drop-down lists, radio buttons, tabs, images, the browser widget, the tree widget and events.

    Link updated by AlbrechtS on July 22, 2022.

  • FLTK Python binding course (pyFltk) 0.1

    Chapters are presented in video format with source code from lessons below. I made this online course for my students but decided to release it so everyone could learn my favorite gui toolkit in Python.

  • FLTK Widget Contribution Kit

    The FLTK Widget Contribution Kit contains a makefile template and configuration script that can be used to distribute widgets for FLTK.

  • Installation CodeBlocks with FLTK on Windows 2021-12-01

    This detailed guide shows you how to install FLTK together with CodeBlocks on Windows and how to create FLTK programs with the GNU C++ compiler.

    Diese ausf├╝hrliche Anleitung zeigt Ihnen wie Sie FLTK zusammen mit CodeBlocks auf Windows installieren und mit dem GNU C++-Compiler FLTK-Programme erstellen k├Ânnen.

  • Robert Ark FLTK Tutorial 1.1

    A beginner tutorial designed to help make learning FLTK easier. It is a follow up to FLTK Basics in the documentation.

  • Step-by-step - developing FLTK applications in Eclipse 1.0 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    Eclipse is becoming more and more popular IDE on all platforms. The goal of this document is to help new developers easily set up Eclipse (with CDT) for development of their future FLTK-based applications.

  • Using FLUID to create an OpenGL fullscreen setup application

    This tutorial shows how to use FLUID and GLUT to make a screen resolution, color depth and refresh rate setup application for OpenGL fullscreen programs. It can be used as a general FLUID tutorial (It can be found in the programming section of the site in the fltk subsection).

  • [STALE] Designing an analog-look dial gauge in FLTK and FLUID 200610171730 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    I recently designed an analog-look dial gauge in FLTK 1.1.7 and FLUID. The gauge is extremely simple and code is minimal (only 19 lines outside of the FLUID autogen code). It uses Fl_Dial, Fl_Box, and it does not extend any Fl classes. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else with similar needs.

  • [STALE] Developing FLTK-based Projects With Relo IDE 1.0 [Stale link 2015-04-09]

    Relo IDE is becomming one of the most popular opensource IDE. This small document is supposed to guide C++ developer to successful building of FLTK-based project on Windows.


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