Step-by-step - developing FLTK applications in Eclipse 1.0 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

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Name:Step-by-step - developing FLTK applications in EclipsePopularity:12%
Version:1.0 [Stale links 2015-04-09]License:GNU FDL
Author:Dejan LekicEMail:dejan
Home Page: (3551 visits)
Download: (2591 visits)

Eclipse is becoming more and more popular IDE on all platforms. The goal of this document is to help new developers easily set up Eclipse (with CDT) for development of their future FLTK-based applications.


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  319Step-by-step - developing FLTK applications in Eclipse 1.0Sep 19, 20041  

First version of "Step-by-step - developing FLTK applications in Eclipse" document is out. Since this is the first version please send coments and/or additional sections (per example how to configure Eclipse on MacOS X, etc.)

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From engelsman, 10:19 Apr 09, 2015 (score=3)

The links are dead. Maybe the author can post new links if the project is still alive.
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From ianbell, 03:24 May 02, 2006 (score=3)

A useful tutorial but in need of updating to reflect changes in fltk, especially the include file and widget names.
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