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  • Data Form Designer Suite for XMPP 0.2 [Stale links 2015-04-09]

    This suite provides not just a RAD-like designer for data forms (XEP-0004) but also a tool which provides these data forms to end users. For more information please visit project's homepage.

  • flmusic 1.3.1

    A simple CD/sound player using alsa and sox. For fltk-1.4.0.


    Version 1.3.1
    webradio.cxx: bugs fixed, corrections
    player.cxx  : corrections, changes

  • FLTK Video Tutorials 1.0

    Flash videos showing how to use FLTK, with narration.

    Learn how to use Fluid, and how to write your own FLTK programs in text mode, including subjects from simple to advanced.

    (Flash content, video and sound)

  • LuaFLTK 1.0

    This is another effort to have a FLTK binding to the LUA language, it uses a modified tolua++ to generate the bindings and some hand code for special cases.

    The lua language is based on 5.1.4 plus some patches, some of the from the AGENA language (another LUA variant).

    The FLTK also is a slight modified 1.3 with printing support.

    It also comes with sqlite3 included.

    Also some code and ideas from murgaLua project.

    A more complete list of software and contributors will follow.


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