FLTK 1.4.0
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Fl_Terminal::RingBuffer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void change_disp_cols (int dcols, const CharStyle &style)
void change_disp_rows (int drows, const CharStyle &style)
void clear (void)
void clear_disp_rows (int sdrow, int edrow, const CharStyle &style)
void clear_hist (void)
void create (int drows, int dcols, int hrows)
int disp_cols (void) const
int disp_erow (void) const
void disp_rows (int val)
int disp_rows (void) const
int disp_srow (void) const
int hist_cols (void) const
int hist_erow (void) const
void hist_rows (int val)
int hist_rows (void) const
int hist_srow (void) const
void hist_use (int val)
int hist_use (void) const
int hist_use_srow (void) const
bool is_disp_ring_row (int grow) const
bool is_hist_ring_row (int grow) const
void move_disp_row (int src_row, int dst_row)
int offset (void) const
void offset_adjust (int rows)
void resize (int drows, int dcols, int hrows, const CharStyle &style)
Utf8Charring_chars (void)
Utf8Charring_chars (void) const
int ring_cols (void) const
int ring_erow (void) const
int ring_rows (void) const
int ring_srow (void) const
 RingBuffer (int drows, int dcols, int hrows)
void scroll (int rows, const CharStyle &style)
Utf8Charu8c_disp_row (int drow)
const Utf8Charu8c_disp_row (int drow) const
Utf8Charu8c_hist_row (int hrow)
const Utf8Charu8c_hist_row (int hrow) const
Utf8Charu8c_hist_use_row (int hurow)
const Utf8Charu8c_hist_use_row (int hurow) const
Utf8Charu8c_ring_row (int row)
const Utf8Charu8c_ring_row (int row) const

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