FLTK 1.4.0
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Fl_Terminal::Utf8Char Class Reference

Public Member Functions

Fl_Color attr_bg_color (const Fl_Widget *grp) const
Fl_Color attr_color (Fl_Color col, const Fl_Widget *grp) const
Fl_Color attr_fg_color (const Fl_Widget *grp) const
uchar attrib (void) const
Fl_Color bgcolor (void) const
uchar charflags (void) const
void clear (const CharStyle &style)
Fl_Color fgcolor (void) const
void fl_font_set (const CharStyle &style) const
bool is_char (char c) const
int length (void) const
int max_utf8 () const
Utf8Charoperator= (const Utf8Char &o)
double pwidth (void) const
int pwidth_int (void) const
void show_char (void) const
void show_char_info (void) const
void text_ascii (char c, const CharStyle &style)
void text_utf8 (const char *text, int len, const CharStyle &style)
const char * text_utf8 (void) const
 Utf8Char (const Utf8Char &o)

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