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Id Priority Status Scope Summary Version Last Updated Assigned To top right image
  3436HIGHNewALLuse of isspace(), ispunct(), and others must correctly test unicode characters1.4-currentNov 17, 2017AlbrechtS  
  AlbrechtSMore detailed information: POSIX defines the following functions, some of them may be used in FLTK (or not). Reference man7.org,...  
  3399HIGHNewOSX11 Drag and drop issue when displaying popup on recept of payload1.4.0Jan 16, 2023Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for the quick feedback. I'm working on commenting, fixing, and hopefully closing open STR's, and this one rang a bell in ...  
  3377MODNewALLFl::grab() breaks event handling for some controls1.3.4Apr 23, 2017Unassigned  
  dstarkeI have attached my proposed patch for this issue (grab2.patch).This fixes controls like Fl_Input if grab() is enabled for their ...  
  1859MODNewALLFluid callbacks in declaration blocks not working correctly1.4-featureSep 01, 2016Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSChanged "Subsystem" to FLUID.  
  2634MODNewALLfl_help_view bug fixes and new features1.4-featureJan 20, 2023Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSNo matter what the large provided code changes may fix (even bug fixes?), this would all need to be evaluated thoroughly. Hence ...  
  2131MODNewALLtest/help: The 'search window' doesn't work for text within 1.4-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoThis will probably be painful to fix, since getting the proper position involves calculating line heights.The way I can think of...  
  3412MODNewALLFl_Text_Display scroll bug (style table with font != textsize() + wrap)1.4-currentJan 16, 2023Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSUnassigning myself.  
  3419MODNewALLexamples/OpenGL*.cxx needs Makefile entries1.4-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoThe examples/OpenGL* examples don't have a Makefile target,so they can't be built using 'make'.Attaching an experimental patch f...  
  3458MODNewALLGLUT compatibility mode segfaults when there's no current window1.3-currentFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSReduced priority to 3 (moderate).This issue should not block the release of FLTK 1.3.5.  
  3462MODNewALLFullscreen windows not updated when screens are added or removed1.3-currentJan 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for the report and the shown workaround (is it as simple as described in comment #3?). I can't test since I don't have a ...  
  3489MODNewALLalpha blending does not work correctly in Fl_Image.cxx1.3.4Feb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  meixnerThe math behind the alpha blending is not correct, as a result colors may be slightly off.Alpha is in the range 0..255 and the c...  
  3238MODNewALLFl_Group::clear method should be virtual1.4-featureDec 05, 2021AlbrechtS  
  AlbrechtSChanged priority from 4 (High) to 3 (Moderate) because we can't do this in FLTK 1.4.0 as such.I'm leaving this STR open as a rem...  
  3013MODNewALLFixes to use of config.h header1.4-featureFeb 23, 2016Unassigned  
  skunkArgh, starting discussion threads is a little much for me at present. But if there's a thread going, I may be able to chime in.T...  
  3287MODNewALLPotential array overrun in Fl::get_font()1.4-featureFeb 01, 2019Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for posting this - moved to 1.4-feature.[Note: 1.4-feature is available in the "Software Version" pull-down menu, at leas...  
  2284MODNewALLBad return value handling from "getc" in Fl_BMP_Image c'tor1.4-featureJan 14, 2023Unassigned  
  mattAs of 1.4, we no longer use getc to read BMP images, but have our own reader class. The code still doesn't;t check for all possi...  
  2306MODNewOSfltk's use of snprintf() should be hardened -- recommend alternatives1.4-featureNov 02, 2017Unassigned  
  greg.ercolanoRelated: STR #3413.  
  3346MODNewOSFreeBSD/NetBSD: cannot build with make without running configure before1.3.4Jan 04, 2019Unassigned  
  manoloThe FLTK build instructions should may be state1) starting from the archive of a public full FTK release, do :cd [top of FLTK so...  
  3416MODNewOSChanges to compile FLTK 1.4 with OpenWatcom 16, 2017Unassigned  
  AlbrechtSThanks for the patch.I managed to install OpenWatcom 1.9 and I can confirm that it works with lots of warnings (as expected). Af...  
  3170MODNewOSFl_Table_Row callback not called1.3.3Dec 28, 2014greg.ercolano  
  greg.ercolanoAssigning to me, changing "Software Version" 1.3.2 -> 1.3.3since the issue can be replicated in the more recent release.  
  2663MODNewOSOpenGL overlay bug on Windows 7 + Intel graphics1.4-featureJul 21, 2012Unassigned  
  rokan2OK, I think  i might be closer to the problem: It relay seems like a bug of Intel drivers with this old 9xx graphics. Unfortunat...  
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