STR #2660

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STR #2660

Application:FLTK Library
Status:1 - Closed w/Resolution
Priority:1 - Request for Enhancement, e.g. asking for a feature
Scope:3 - Applies to all machines and operating systems
Subsystem:Core Library
Summary:support for custom (image) cursors
Created By:ossman
Assigned To:ossman
Fix Version:1.3-current (SVN: v10196)
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Trouble Report Files:

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#1 ossman
09:22 Jun 08, 2011
#2 ossman
00:49 Jun 14, 2011
#3 hean01
01:07 Sep 16, 2011
#4 astrand
05:35 Jun 19, 2012
#5 ossman
05:07 Jan 31, 2013
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Trouble Report Comments:

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#1 ossman
09:22 Jun 08, 2011
Sometimes you just want to set your completely own cursor and not one of the predefined ones. This patch allows you to do just that.

Also cleans up the fallback cursor handling in a nice, platform independent way.

PS. Meant to set this as 1.4-feature, but that option is gone.
#2 AlbrechtS
09:32 Jun 08, 2011
Moved to 1.4-feature as requested.  
#3 ossman
09:36 Jun 08, 2011
Forgot to mention that this patch relies on STR #2659 as well.  
#4 greg.ercolano
12:04 Jun 08, 2011
Just browsing these patches..

To keep things 'light', the XPMs could perhaps be optimized a bit;
eg the black+white hour glass colormap could be 8 instead of
16 without suffering the image quality; would save some memory
weight (since xpms inline in the executables as strings).

As an example, I loaded hourglass xpm in gimp,
set Image>Mode>Indexed to 8, disable dither, re-save.
Size 857 instead of 1295.. smaller by 33%. Every little bit helps ;)
#5 AlbrechtS
00:29 Jun 09, 2011
I just noticed that the patch uses "xdbe" instead of "xcursor" - this must be fixed. I didn't check nor test anything else yet.  
#6 ossman
02:04 Jun 09, 2011
> Just browsing these patches..
> To keep things 'light', the XPMs could perhaps be optimized a bit;

Sounds like a very good improvement. I just threw together something so that there wouldn't be a regression compared to existing code. The hourglass might be a bit bigger than necessary as well.

> I just noticed that the patch uses "xdbe" instead of
> "xcursor" - this must be fixed. I didn't check nor test anything else
> yet.

Oops. Copy-paste error. Should be easy enough to fix manually when applying though.
#7 ossman
00:51 Jun 14, 2011
Found another issue. Windows images are bottom up by default, so we need to specify a negative height to get the normal top down behaviour. Not sure how I managed to miss this during the initial testing...

Updated patch with this fixed as well as the configure option. Haven't done anything with the built-in cursors at this point.
#8 hean01
01:09 Sep 16, 2011
New update to the cursor patch:

Better error and resource management of cursors on Windows.
#9 astrand
05:36 Jun 19, 2012
Updated patch for latest trunk. Nominating for 1.3.x.  
#10 ossman
05:08 Jan 31, 2013
The previous patch had an ABI breakage. It also had incorrect CMake changes. Updated patch should be better.  
#11 ianmacarthur
05:23 Jan 31, 2013
... though note that ABI breakage can be "allowed" if you guard it using the FLTK_ABI_VERSION guards, to allow the code to build to the 1.3.0 ABI by default, whilst allowing a uset to select the "new" ABI by defining the guard appropriatley....

though in this case... not necessary? The new version of the patch gives the "default" 1.3.0 ABI anyway?
#12 ossman
05:40 Jan 31, 2013
It is not necessary here, no. I thought it was safe in the original patch, but it turned out to only be API safe, not ABI. The new version should be backwards compatible in both regards.  
#13 rdieter
07:14 Jun 07, 2013
Trying the latest patch posted here against fltk-1.3.2 doesn't build for me (on fedora 19, gcc-4.8.1):

fl_cursor.cxx: In function 'void fallback_cursor(Fl_Window*, Fl_Cursor)':
fl_cursor.cxx:105:26: error: no matching function for call to 'Fl_RGB_Image::Fl_RGB_Image(Fl_Pixmap*)'
   Fl_RGB_Image image(&pxm);
fl_cursor.cxx:105:26: note: candidates are:
In file included from ../FL/Fl_Pixmap.H:24:0,
                 from fl_cursor.cxx:27:
../FL/Fl_Image.H:204:3: note: Fl_RGB_Image::Fl_RGB_Image(const uchar*, int, int, int, int)
   Fl_RGB_Image(const uchar *bits, int W, int H, int D=3, int LD=0) :
../FL/Fl_Image.H:204:3: note:   candidate expects 5 arguments, 1 provided
In file included from ../FL/Fl_Pixmap.H:24:0,
                 from fl_cursor.cxx:27:
../FL/Fl_Image.H:167:7: note: Fl_RGB_Image::Fl_RGB_Image(const Fl_RGB_Image&)
 class FL_EXPORT Fl_RGB_Image : public Fl_Image {
../FL/Fl_Image.H:167:7: note:   no known conversion for argument 1 from 'Fl_Pixmap*' to 'const Fl_RGB_Image&'
#14 ossman
00:41 Jun 10, 2013
STR #2659 is required as well, and from the error it looks like that is missing in your build.  
#15 ossman
04:19 Jun 16, 2014
Fixed in Subversion repository.  
#16 manolo
08:11 Jun 16, 2014
That support for custom cursors is a great addition!
The new Fl_Image_Surface class fits nicely with that allowing
to draw into an image to be used as a cursor.

In the Mac OS support, I wonder whether line 3358 of file
should not be instead
    if ( !(image->d() & 1) ) {
because the even (2 and 4) values of image->d() denote alpha presence.
#17 ossman
04:15 Jun 17, 2014
Quite right. Apparently it did not have enough effect on the end result
for me to notice. Fixed in r10199.
bottom left image   bottom right image

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